Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gourmet fumes (and a Ludo bite)

This past weekend was the first annual(?) OCfoodiefest, a food festival (duh) with 50 LA/OC food trucks. The LA food truck craze has finally made its way down to the Orange Curtain, and us lucky OCers finally get to enjoy some gourmet food out of a truck. What's not to like.

Anyway, they sold out at 8500 tickets to the event and we had to wait in a mammoth line to get in. There is absolutely nothing interesting about the following 2 pictures. I was just bored and hot standing in line. Sorry?

Once we finally got in, Mr. FGD and I divided and conquered. I made a beeline for the Frysmith truck.
Great fries with really yummy shit on top.

I had to stand in line for 20 minutes so here's some more pictures. Sorry for the photo barf.

I have no idea who this dude in these photos is, but I liked his french fries.

I finally got my Truffle Poutine fries (cheese curds with truffle gravy smattered over french fries) but I am a fucktastic photographer when it's bright and sunny out, so I don't expect you to actually believe that these are Truffle Poutine. Trust.

While I waited in line for the Truffle Poutine fries (nomnomnom) Mr. FGD waited in line for the Dumpling Station truck. Guess what they sell?

Yes, those are dumplings.

Next, I moved on to a Korean pub food truck, because I love me Korean homies and they had a "Korean nacho" dish that was supposed to be yummy. Lucky for you, I didn't try and take a craptastic picture of the actual food dish. I couldn't find Mr. FGD, and the juices from the dish were dripping all over me so I decided to do the smart thing and just shovel the whole dish in my face. Craptastic pre-shovel photos of the Ahn-Joo truck:

Things sorta went downhill after this. Mr. FGD got in line for Great Balls on Tires, which were supposed to have totes rad sandwich balls. We didn't realize how many people in OC love sandwich balls. Let's just say it *might* have taken an hour and forty-five minutes to get through the line and finally get the food. Why the hell did we wait that long, you might ask?? You know when you're about 30 mins in, and you figure it can't really be that much longer, and you've already waited 30 mins, so you might as well see it through? And then another 30 mins go by and you start to realize that you're fucked, but by this point you've been in line for an hour, and you're hot and sweaty and getting pissed off, but you've got to see it through to the end now, right? Yeah, that was us.

This is Mr. FGD, about 40 mins in, trying to look really pissed off and put out in general, but he started laughing and got a dumb look on his face instead. And who am I to deprive my readers of dumb Mr. FGD faces?

Hey 10years....it's the Filipino truck! Team Lumpia!

While Mr. FGD continued to battle the line for juicy ball sandwiches, I met up with my pal eClaire and ate some more. I had previously seen sexpot French chef Ludo Lefebvre's LudoBites truck, but overheard someone sadly reporting that Ludo wasn't at foodiefest.

I was a sad bear when I heard that Ludo wasn't around. I wanted to see the hottie, moody, cursing Ludo myself! Waaaah.

And then......

Mr. FGD started yelling for my attention and I couldn't figure out why he was jerking around strangely and sputtering, Ludo...Ludo...Luuuddoooooo!

Oh. OH!!!

The true stalker inside me came out.

I may or may not have been flailing about, wildly snapping blurry photographs of this strange, beloved French chef, when a lovely blonde woman (who, after I came to my senses, recognized as his wife), tapped Ludo [swoon] on his shoulder and said, "I think someone wants to take a picture with you."

SQUEAL, aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all its overlybright, blurry goodness, I present you:


Oh, and stupid Claire who looks way skinnier than I do. Bitch.


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weezermonkey said...


dapotato said...

truffle poutine fries! and who knew balls were so hard to get.

Ann Marie said...

So glad you got to stalk Ludo!

Tameka said...

I feel like such a foodie poser commenting on this post since I have no clue who Ludo is, but I would not kick him out of bed for eating crackers and I would happily wait in longest of lines for french fries with yummy shit on top. 5 stars.

Winnie said...

So were the sandwich balls worth the (very ridiculously long) wait?

Ashley said...

I still have nightmares about the LA Food Truck Fest *shiver* At least you didn't have lying assholes in front of you that said "they're all sold out of fried chicken". Douche.

wan said...

i really wanted to go to this, but i knew i wouldn't have the patience to stand in line for food. apparently, you do. i'm kinda shocked.

10yearstogether said...

J is such a good sport. I sure as hell would have been one complaining fool if I had to wait that long for food, in that heat.

amber said...

Isn't he just adorable in person? His wife is pretty damn charming herself.

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