Friday, April 23, 2010


This past week I got to tag along on Mr. FGD's business trip to Vegas. You know the saying, all work, no play...keeps your mom away... or something. Anyway, I decided it was best for him to do all the work and me to do all the play.

We got to stay at Aria at the new City Center. It was great! I loved the hotel (very modern), loved our room, and the service was spectacular.

See the floor lamp in this picture? It's the exact same floor lamp we have in our living room. Because I'm so freaking hip, you know?

The coolest thing about the rooms at Aria is that when you walk into your room for the very first time, the sheer curtains and the blackout curtains automatically part and zoom themselves open to show off the floor to ceiling windows. Pretty nifty.

Some bathroom shots, because you need to know what my bathroom for 2 nights/3 days looked like:

Aria and some still empty, brand new, tall building at night...

I pretty much gambled my money away (quickly), laid out at the pool (this did not suck), drank cocktails (wait, this didn't suck either), went to the spa (hmmm, no suckage there either) and saw some boobs. Specifically, Holly Madison's boobs. Peepshow was uh, interesting? I think my expectations were too high. There really was no plot. Yes, for $80 a ticket, I guess I was expecting a plot. Sorry. And the boobs? Were they good? Yes, Holly's....amazical. But everyone else had these little bobbing mosquito bites. I realize everyone likes different things, but I guess if I'm paying to see boobies, I expect to see some giant cans. Oh well. That's just me.

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