Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good-bye Mr. FGD, helllllooooo speed skaters

I am very sad because we had to sell our tickets to see short track speed skating, where I could have professed my undying love to Apolo Ohno today. They pushed one of our events back several hours, so we ended up having to choose between short track and long track, and Mr. FGD ended up choosing long track. It ended up being a good choice (see below), but, can we first have a moment of silence for the lovefest that I missed with Apolo. I so would have rocked his fast track world. Hee hee.

As a side note, my other boyfriend Shaun White kicked some boo-tay today. I'm so proud of him. Snowboarding was the one event I insisted to Mr. FGD that we get tickets to, and of course it was the one sport that was impossible for us to get tickets to. Booooooooooo. No worries though. When I'm banging some flying tomato ass later I won't even remember that we missed the event. (Sorry, I might be a little drunky right now).

Moving on.

We went to long track speed skating today, or something like that? Bear with me here, while I put the wine down.

Here's Mr. FGD outside the stadium. I took the first picture, and then told him, let's do it again, this time without the double-chin. Aren't I an awesome wife? Who wants to marry me? Who? Who?

The double-double:

The re-do. Much better, right?

And me. I've had lots of practice with avoiding the double-chin shot in photos.

Some photos of the long track rink in Richmond:

This is Shani Davis, the American fave, whooshing by us while warming up:

This blurry picture doesn't do him, or his massive, rock-hard thighs, justice. He's hot.

This is another blurry photo of him, after he won the gold metal. Mr. FGD and I agreed that a gold metal is a free-pussy-pass for life. My apologies for the crassness of this post; I've had too much wine, I swear. I would *never* talk like this sober. Hee hee.

So here are a bunch of photos I took from the "flower" ceremony. (The actual medal ceremony is always the next night.) Excuse the blurry photos. I was very excitedly waving my American flag as I took these pics (you know, because I do that now, now that foolio George W. is gone. See said post below.)

This is Shani and hottie Chad Hedrick coming out of the basement for the flower ceremony. Can you tell?? It's pretty blurry. :(

Some flag-waving goodness:

Yippppeee time:

Shani is the first back to back speed skater gold metal winner, or something. NBC is on in the background, so I'm just spouting what I'm hearing, my friends. Anyway, he's cute, so I'll post some more pics.

Before the speed skating fun, Mr. FGD dragged me to Stanley Park. I don't know if you know this about me, but I don't do outdoor stuff. Could someone let Mr. FGD know? This, after all, is what I thought about the whole outing:

But, I have to say, the boring ass trip to the park was made slightly better when Mr. FGD started freaking out and bouncing up and down saying, "give me the camera! it's a bald eagle! do you know how rare bald eagles are?!" My friends, I'd like to introduce you what I'm pretty sure is a seagull that Mr. FGD thought was a bald eagle.

Once again, here's what I have to say about that:

Hee hee.

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Bev said... the conclusion to this post. Mr. FGD seems like the kind of guy who would know what a bald eagle looks like, but I've seen a pretty fair number of seagulls in my day, and that photo looks familiar. I'm just sayin'...

Bev said...

Oh, and the first three photos are great, with or without the double chins.

Lurch Casper said...

It was so nice to wake up with Shani this morning. yum

The Lazy Housewife said...

Hi. Larious. I was watching the speed skating last night and Shani is quite yummy in HD.

amber said...

::honoring the moment of silence for Ohno::

You guys have been at some of the coolest events!!! Love these pictures, love that you were there when Davis won gold. And yeah, he is definitely hot! :)

wan said...

i'm going to get fired from all the cackling and spitting i've done at my desk over this post.

Ams said...

Yah Stanley Park isn't all that exciting... it's definitely NOT Granville Island that's for sure :)
Glad you guys got to see Shani win the gold. That's awesome!

10yearstogether said...

You always crack my shit up. Always.

Serendipite said...

Have I mentioned how much jealousy I currently have towards you??? Thank goodness I am living vicariously through you. Have more fun, post more shit. k'thx :D

ssinca said...

love this entry.


Ann Marie said...

Your recaps are so much more interesting that NBC's.

Winnie said...

NBC should hire you to do the commentary. Seriously. Ratings will be off the chart.

weezermonkey said...

How did I miss this one?



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