Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dive-bombing pigeons, and GOOOOOOOLD!

The Olympic-sized fun continues! Ha.

My friend Kooba had thoughtfully given me a gift certificate to a Vancouver spa for my birthday, so I put it to use on our first full day in Vancouver, since we didn't have any events to go to that day (Saturday). I was going to get a massage, but Mr. FGD wanted to make sure we got in a good amount of sight seeing that day, so I ended up getting my makeup done instead so that we could go out immediately after I was done.


After I was done, we hopped on a little car ferry thing over to Granville Island.

(Yeah, it was a little gloomy yesterday. )

Granville Island is great. It has the coolest market!

I could have spent hours there, just eating my way down the aisles.

Even the flowers J-Woww got from her sucker boyfriend on Jersey Shore made an appearance at the market!

I was such a trooper, walking around in the cold rain, you wouldn't even know it was bitchy old me! (I'm so glad Mr. FGD isn't capable of chiming in here.)

They have some crazy ass mailboxes here.

After we'd had enough of the little island, we took the little fairy back. There are dogs everywhere; I'm so in love.

These were some random crazies. I don't even know how else to describe them.

We went over to Russia House next. Each of the countries has their own "house" during the Olympics. Some of them are crazier than others. Russia, not so crazy. But, they're hosting the next Winter Olympics in Sochi, so we decided to stand in the pouring rain and wait 45 minutes in line to get in (it worked out - Mr. FGD sold an extra set of tickets we had to a Russia / Slovakia hockey game while we waited in line).

Sweet Russian team wear. I had to pull Mr. FGD away. Not really.

Today we headed up to Cypress Mountain for our first event, Men's Freestyle Skiing Moguls.

But first, a visit with Quatchi and Miga, two of the Vancouver Olympic mascots! I love them. They are too effing cute.

I'll admit, I really had no clue what moguls were until we got there today and I saw the course.

We sat through a round of qualifiers, to see who would make it into the medal round competition. It wasn't tooooo freezing for the qualifiers, because the sun was still out. Oh, and all those bitch ass mother fucking Canadians were talking about how balmy it was! Fuck right off you winter weather people.

In between the qualifiers and the metal round, we walked around a bit so that I could try and stay warm.

This is one of the hottie men's mogul dudes, in the pajama-like U.S. uniforms.

And this is me, trying to get cozy with the team from Sweden.

Mr. FGD couldn't help but play with the Japanese tourists. You can probably figure out which one he is.

As the medal round began, I started to get really mother effing cold. Doesn't it just LOOK bitch-ass cold?

One of the Americans ended up taking bronze, but in case you haven't been paying much attention to Olympic coverage, Canada has never won gold in the Olympics when it's been held in Canada. They are CRAZY with their hunt for gold. It's all anyone talks about. Well, tonight they got their wish, and those mother fuckers went crazy!

It was so exciting to be there. The crowd was electrified. People were screaming and hugging, and you would think they just won the lottery (or a shopping spree at Louis Vuitton). It was a totally rad experience, one that I'm not sure will be topped the rest of the trip.

To end this lovely blog post, I must tell you about my super klassy experience today. Mr. FGD and I grabbed slices of pizza before we boarded the bus to take to Cypress Mountain. Before I even got ONE bite, I was stalked by a seagull (Mr. FGD claims he wondered what it was doing and why it was flying so low and close to me. Um, yeah.) Before I even knew what was happening, the seagull dive-bombed me and stole my entire slice of pizza! You should have heard its little friends that soon surrounded him. They were so, so gleeful! I was stunned, but couldn't help but giggle as everyone around me pointed and laughed. Yup, I'm just your klassy bitch who'd brass knuckle anyone who tried to steal any of my designer purses, but lets a goofy seagull steal my entire lunch.

Until tomorrow, I'm Keepin it Klassy in Kanada....

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Bev said...

I looove this blog post! You look positively sporty in your winter wear. Super cute. Very jealous about being there for Canada's first gold--that must have been so cool!

Ams said...

SHUT UP!!! You were there for the crazy Gold Medal moment?? That is so awesome... I have goosebumps all over again. I think I am going to try to fly down (I am an hour flight up in northern BC) to get in on the action -perhaps next week. And isn't Granville Island awesome? Aw, I miss living in Vancouver!! Keep having a great time!!

amber said...

* That first picture of you is gorgeous! That needs to be your new profile picture EVERYWHERE! So so pretty.
* Love all these pictures and stories from the games. JealousE.
* How exciting that you were at the finals for men's moguls!!! I can only imagine how crazy it was there. :)

Ann Marie said...

Love the mascots!

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks the moguls outfits look like pajamas.

Winnie said...

I, too, love the first picture! So jealous of your experience in Vancouver. Your stories crack me up. I especially love the seagull story -- that happened to me years ago at the beach and we STILL talk about that to this day.

Violet said...

I totally thought of you last night when the hubs and I were watching the moguls! I'm so jealousssssssssssssss!!!!

weezermonkey said...

We bought a little stuffed Miga for LMN. She loved it.

Other restaurants you should try:

Araxi (best venison I've ever had in my life)

Rangoli (because Vij's is impossible to get into)

Blue Water Cafe (saw the guy from Pushing Daisies there) (oh, and good seafood, too)

Babylon Cafe (cheap Middle Eastern)

Original Cupcakes (lots of interesting flavors)

Cafe Medina (awesome breakfast and incredible lattes)

Fritz European Fry House (poutine)

wan said...

you are so pretty. i hate you.

okay, no, i don't. but i AM jealous! looks like so much fun - and makes me want to go back to vancouver. even if we don't get to witness a fabulous olympic gold medal moment.

10yearstogether said...

J's picture with the Japanese group - for the win.

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