Sunday, December 20, 2009

No feminism, just gold digging.

I have nothing of substance to talk about lately, so I'll just continue to blog about things I want. Here's what's on my Universal Wish List.

Aveda stuff, because the shit smells good, it's natural, they don't test on animals, and the hand cream is to die for.

Charcoaly-grey nail polish. It's my latest obsession, and my local nail place doesn't have anything like it.

And the cult favorite, Lincoln Park After Dark.

I'd also gladly accept any of these L.A.M.B. shoes:

Let's throw in some sexy Louboutins to even out the batch of shoe requests.

I smelled this Cinnamon Hot Dots body wash in Sephora recently, and can't wait to get my hands on it, even if it means that I might end up eating my arm.

I also want to try this Dylan's Candy Bar lotion in Birthday Cake Batter, although I'll probably end up eating my other arm.

I've also been coveting this ring from Tiffany's for years, so I threw it on my list too. We'll see if Santa had time to stop at Tiffany's this year.

And, the one and only practical, BORING thing I asked for...

North Face gloves to keep me warm at the Olympics.


Let's hope Santa sticks to the fun gifts. ;)

8 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

weezermonkey said...

You make things very easy for Santa!

dapotato said...

totally what the monkey said. i need to update my list. there's too much crap i don't really want on there anymore.

Ann Marie said...

You have great taste in shoes and nail polish.

amber said...

I usually just send "Santa" an email with a list of links to pretties that I want. I'm thinking the universal wish list is TWTG.

Winnie said...

I <3 your taste in shoes.

Insomniac said...

I've been looking for nonsparkly gray polish! Awesome!

Violet said...

So, what's the good word from Santa?

wan said...

that first pair of L.A.M.B. shoes is TDF.

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