Friday, November 6, 2009

May I redeem myself, please?

All of you mean-girl haters that mocked my Juicy boot selection will be pleased to know that Nordstrom sold out of the beauties before I was able to snag a pair. Sigh.

Nonetheless, I have picked up my booties and moved on. Meet my new pair of snow boots for the Winter Olympics!

I can't wait to get a week's worth of use out of them and then never, ever, ever have any reason to ever, ever, ever wear them again.

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amber said...

Mean hater girl checking in. :P

Now see, those look warm, functional and not a hot mess. Good job! I particularly like the color. :)

Ann Marie said...

Those are much better. :)

Mean hater girl #2

Dana said...

Those are definitely better! Feel free to send them to my snowy abode when you're done using them for a week. :) What size shoe do you wear again?

much love-
mean girl hater #3 ;)

Baby Mama said...

Those are super cute!

...and dont you have family that lives in cold weather? You can always wear them when you visit. Or just send them over to me. :-)

JD 2 B said...

Those are very cute.
~Mean hater #4

10yearstogether said...

Those are...better than the first. *snickers*

Winnie said...

I think these are much cuter. I love grey. Please just don't wear them in LA like they're Uggs.

-- Mean hater girl #6 (because I definitely count 10yrs as #5)

Violet said...

I would have gotten the Juicy Couture boots, so I'm definitely not a hater :)

That said, those boots are cute too! I bought two pairs of boots for my cold weather climate and both are ugly as fuck (but functional). I'm jealous of your cute pair!

dapotato said...

better. whew.

nikkibergant said...

what size are you? you can feel free to ship them to me after your one week of wear...we go to the mountains and Whistler quite often so they would surely come in handy... hugs

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