Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wish List

Since I can't seem to come up with anything else to write about except for the new pad, I figured why not continue in that vain for a few more decades. I've got nothing else, people.

So, let's discuss a wishlist for the house! I will even include links to items so that you can purchase them and send them to me as a surprise!

In no particular order:

A hot tub. There probably isn't enough room to actually have a pool AND much backyard space leftover at our new house, and since I don't plan on being in this house forever anyway, we should probably put in a hot tub to tide me over until I CAN have a pool, don't you think?

A fire pit. Because it totally gets cold outside here.

A big green egg. I don't know wtf this is, actually. But if it gets Mr. FGD to shut the hell up about it, I'm all for it.

Normal looking door handles. I didn't think this was so much to ask. Our new house was built in 2003. Tell me, who the fuck used brass for door handles, or anything else for that matter, after 1989? Good god. It's a good thing there's only, like, 30 freaking doors in this new place.

A new door for the fireplace. See previous entry. More brass, people.

Outdoor dining set. I need a place to chow. Because I'm so outdoorsy, and I love heat. I especially love sweating during a good meal.

New wall sconces. Current ones also date back to 1989.

New bathroom vanity lights. The current ones are very apartment/builder-grade, e.g. $9.99 at Kmart. Do I look like a $9.99 Kmart special to you?

I'll stop there. I don't want to overwhelm you.

Thanks in advance for the housewarming gifts! My readers are the best.

8 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

weezermonkey said...

I guess I could get you the door handles.

(I figure I'll volunteer for the least expensive thing while I can, since I'm first to comment.)

dapotato said...

hahaha the monkey is mistaken. the door levers x 120984732894 doors is not the cheapest. i call dibs on the sconces i guess?

you can totally put the hot tub where the trampoline is. er was.

hope the moving's going ok...

10yearstogether said...

I'll get you the hot tub. Well, not exactly the hot tub, but the pad that you can put in your regular bathtub that makes bubbles so you can PRETEND that you are in a hot tub. Close enough.

amber said...

Thank you for the giggles! I so needed that this morning. :)

ssinca said...

I so want that fire pit. please donate it to me once you've decided you no longer want it.

and I bought a similar sconce at the great indoors a few years back.

Greg said...

I LOVE what you've picked out...and I really hope you get the green I can come see what the hell all the fuss is about! Can't wait to see the new pad...I'm thinkin' martini housewarming!!! When do you move in???

Winnie said...

I'll get you some marshmallows and skewers to go with your firepit :)

Violet said...

I'm excited to see pics of the house after all your fab style renovations!

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