Monday, July 20, 2009

Operation Massive Barfage

I wasn't planning on blogging about this, but I am so on edge I figured I might as well. I am starving but trying not to barf at the same time, you know?

While we've been waiting to hear on the house I posted about below, we've been looking at other houses which is recommended by Realtors because you never know what's going to happen with a short sale, or how long hearing from the bank is going to take.

We've been seeing some really nice homes, but nothing that's made me drop my pants and put an offer in.

Last week while I was in Seattle for work, Mr. FGD called me breathless about a house in our community of interest, in our price range, WITH A POOL. I can't underline that enough. I LOVE POOLS. When I was a kid, I would beg my parents relentlessly to put in a pool in our backyard. (It never happened.) Mr. FGD grew up with pools in his backyard (in the country of Texas), so he's a lover of pools too. But in our Wisteria neighborhood, in our price range, it's really not even an option.

So you would think a house with a pool in our price range would be a joke, right?


We saw it Friday night and I about pooped myself. The house is incredible. Brand new everything. Nothing needs to be done. The backyard has a pool, hot tub, fire pit and outdoor bbq with granite counters. It's by no means a mansion, but it's within the square footage we were looking for.

We put in an offer Friday night and found out that, of course, they already had numerous offers. Saturday morning our Realtor received a phone call asking for our best and final offer. Basically, everyone puts forth their best offer, and the homeowner, or, the bank in this case (it's a foreclosure) reviews the offers and picks the best one. The deadline for the best and final offers was yesterday at 6 pm, and we will probably hear by the end of the day tomorrow. Hopefully.

So that's why I'm sitting here, checking my phone every 5 seconds, trying not to have major barfage all over my office. I am a wreck. I want this house so, so bad.

I will be devastated if we don't get this house. And fuck the if it's meant to be thing!

I. want. this. house. Please, pool gods, please.

9 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

weezermonkey said...

Looks awesome. I hope you get it!

amber said...

I live just shy of the face of the sun and we have a pool - I ain't gonna lie, it's fantabulous! I'm keeping everything crossed that you get this place - it's gorgeous.

10yearstogether said...

Good luck! I hope things work out! Wherever you land, I won't be far away. =)

Winnie said...

I am crossing my fingers for you! This house looks amazing. Good luck!

Baby Mama said...

keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you! (and me, cause you'll be able to throw some kick ass bbq's with that backyard!)

Sue said...

I like it! I can totally see myself visiting you at this house.

dapotato said...

OMG. yay for new everything. fingers and everything crossed for you!

Aline said...

Looks like an awesome place for a gtg pool side ;)

Hope you get it too!

ssinca said...

it looks so pretty! crossing my fingers for you!

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