Monday, July 6, 2009

And now we wait.

We put a bid in on a bank-owned approved-short-sale house. Exciting, right?


The house had been coming up on my MLS search since I first started looking not that long ago, but the listing agent wouldn’t return my realtor’s phone calls. After a couple days with no response, our realtor told us that probably meant that the listing agent had a bid into the bank that looked like it was going to go through. I was bummed. Nothing else that was coming up on the MLS in our community seemed nearly as good…smaller yard…smaller house…one less bedroom, etc.

And then….

Friday morning, I received an email from our realtor with the house’s address in the subject line with just the line “Call me.”


That morning, the bid that was into the bank was mutually cancelled, and because my realtor had been bugging the shit out of the listing agent for a week, he called her back first to tell her the house was available again for showing. Our realtor/loan person got the necessary stuff ready, we tentatively signed the offer and were off to look at the house within a couple hours of the listing agent’s phone call.

Needless to say, it has clearly been a looooong time since these pictures have been taken…..

I wouldn’t say that the previous owners had trashed the place before they left, but let’s just say that it’s been severely neglected. So much so that I am EMBARRASSED to post pictures of its current state. So not HC+L.

After about a 30 minute long cardiac arrest at the current state of the house and the total cheaped-out builder-grade choices the first owners made in 2000 when the house was built, and after discussing how much $$$ we’d have to drop on the place to get it cleaned up before I would EVER step foot in it and actually live there, I started to calm down a bit and see all the things that made me excited about the house in the first place.

Awesome neighborhood.

Great size yard, considering the size of the yards in this relatively new community.

3 car garage.

Four bedrooms (room for my sextuplets!)

Over 2500 square feet (plenty of room for my sextuplets to play!)

Super high ceilings – 30 feet in the living room (plenty of room for my sextuplets to climb!)

I quickly found myself getting emotionally attached to this place over this past weekend. Not good, my readers. Not good.

Our bid was placed at the bank “approved” sale price, so if anyone comes in just a little bit higher, with equally as good credit or whatever, they win! And we won’t find out for a couple weeks, which is the hardest part.

I know, I KNOW. If it’s meant to be….


That doesn’t make the wait easier, foolios. This sucks.

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ssinca said...

"Four bedrooms (room for my sextuplets!)"


that is a really long time to wait, wishing you tons of luck!

Stephanie said...

How exciting! I will have my fingers crossed for you.

weezermonkey said...

Good luck!!!

Baby Mama said...

I'm totally drooling over that house! I hope you guys get it!

Ann Marie said...

Beautiful house ... good luck!

Winnie said...

Ooooooh it's so pretty (before the neglect)! I'll definitely cross my fingers for you.

amber said...

I'm keeping everything crossed for you - looks like it could be a great place for you guys. And your sextuplets. ;)

We put a bid in on a short sale before we bought our house and the bank denied it. Then wound up selling it for less that we were willing to pay for it. Assholes.

Insomniac said...

that house is pretty. three cheers for SoCal homeowners!

dapotato said...

wtf is wrong with my google reader? i never got this entry fed to me. i'll email you back in a sec...

Ashley said...

WTF? Where are the pics of the master closet? Or are you just going to use a bedroom as your closet? Good luck ;)

Greg said...

Best of luck! Fingers are crossed!

wan-nabe said...

i love that you included the picture of the nursery, for baby FGD.

Aline said...

Soo any word yet? Fucking short sales. :-/

That house is beautiful though!

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