Friday, May 29, 2009

I wish my name was Debbie so I could title this Debbie Does Dallas

We recently took a trip to visit Mr. FGD's parents in his home country of Texas. I hadn't been there for a few years, and was actually really looking forward to a few days of relaxing by the in-laws' pool and doing a whole lot of nothing. I was even willing to overlook the fact that we had to enter Bush's homeland to do it.

Mini FGD came along for the ride, and with all of use being crazy psycho dog lovers, our trip was pretty furcentric. Mini FGD loved all the open space in Texas...

and was a big fan of the old man's snail pace...

Mini FGD generally stays away from other dogs, but I guess this senior citizen seemed pretty harmless.

Like a well-taught daughter, she flaunted her little ass in front of the old man, and then walked away, leaving him to chase some tail...

I was fucking hot and sweating like a whore in church, but mini FGD was in green, open space heaven.

And some more dog pics, just because I'm obsessed:

The in-laws' rescued this little furbitch from a garaged-life last year:

She's pretty happy about having a 2-acre yard now.

This is Chico, the man-eater. He really doesn't appreciate my father in law's almost daily walks by him. I'm pretty convinced Chico thinks he lives in Compton.

Another neighborhood dog, not very happy with our walk-by. I thought southerners were supposed to be friendly?

Everything seemed so much greener than dry ass southern California.

But even in Texas, there's always room for a good lesbian joke...

It melted my stone cold heart to see my little furbitch so damn happy...

I guess there's something about going back to where you grow up that makes you feel like a kid again.

or just like a grown man going down a kid's slide with a 9 pound dog on his lap.

I'll spare you any more pics of the furries for now.

Next, it was on to Fort Worth, to show me around the city where we would be enjoying good eats at Lonesome Dove later on that night. While I continued to sweat whorishly (while everyone else was dry as a desert, of course), we checked out the Japanese Garden at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

Aren't people too fucking hot in Texas to bother with throwing rocks?

I guess I never realized why, when out of towners visit us in SoCal, they sometimes make comments about how dry and brown everything is.

I mean, shit. That's a lot of not dead green stuff.

I'm a sucker for anything animal related. Obviously.

The garden was big and really pretty, and I'm pretty sure I hydrated the entire place with my uber sexy sweating.

I'm sure there's a word for this type of Japanese building, but I just thought it was cool looking.

I married into this. Jealous?

Just kidding. I dig the in-laws.

Bridges always scare me, even where there's only a foot deep of water below it. I'm super brave like that.

Guess what? More bountiful green shit. Yippee!

And a lucky ducky.

As we continued towards the end of the path, I found something that wasn't green

and decided it needed to be photographed.

That's the end of part one of the trip. Stay tuned for more yeeeeehaaaaaaws.

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weezermonkey said...

You got some nice shots!

Winnie said...

You're kicking ass with that camera! I sweat a lot here too while everyone else is fine :(

ssinca said...

you don't need to tell me that it's fucking hotter than hell in TX.

you should have swung by my way! but we are a few hours away from FW.

Bev said...

I've been waiting to see pics from TX--more Syd pics, please!

amber said...

Love all the pics, but especially the doggies. The terrier is so cute!!

dapotato said...

awesome recap and photos. i hate humidity. as does my hair.

10yearstogether said...

I just LOVE these pictures! You bastard for getting so good so quick! And you know for some of us, there can never be too many dog and animal pics. I love the pups. And thank you for the little dose of Peppah.

wan-nabe said...

ditto 10yt. i seriously need some freaking lessons, dude. nice shots!

Violet Femme said...

Chico is throwing some major side eye in that pic!

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