Monday, April 6, 2009

There's a Hole in My Bucket - Part 1

Last week, BIL ( FGD had surgery to fix a hole in his ear drum. That's the truth. But if you asked Mr. FGD , he'd probably tell you that his brother had to get his brain restructured because he's so dumb.

MIL ( FGD flew out from a far away land to nurse BIL back to health, and Mr. FGD and I took Friday off from work and headed up to Hollywoooood for the weekend, with the furbitches in tow.


When we arrived at BIL's pad, he was already up and sporting a turban.


Ruda Mae was thrilled to have her dad home from work for a few days, and didn't mind in the slightest the new headdress.



We hung out for awhile, and BIL groggily showed us the additions he'd made to his new pad since we'd been there last, including his new chalkboard wall:


and paintings done by his dreamboat of a friend:


MIL posed in the pullover we picked up for her on our recent trip to Pebble Beach. (MIL is the Tiger Woodress of her country club).


Ruda Mae showed us where her and her dad had been plopped for the past couple days:


which is always better when shared with your favorite human:



My furbitch is a whore and wanted to get in on the bed action.


Who's the patient now, bitch?


As usual, mini FGD had no clue what was going on and needed to sniff things out for herself.


When BIL's vicodin started to wear off, we headed out for lunch and left him to nap with 3 sexy bitches.

I was excited to go to Philippes, since the last time I was there I had just had my wisdom teef pulled and couldn't enjoy the experience.


This time though, I got to enjoy the original french dip in all its juicy glory. Oh my god. Holy handbags. My (ham and cheese dipped) sandwich was really fucking good.


I'm still thinking about it.

After Philippes, we walked around Olvera Street for a little while to enjoy the beautiful Friday afternoon a little bit more, before heading back to Chateau de Turban.


I'd never been in the area of Olvera Street before, and it lived up to my colorful expectations:





Mr. FGD was so overcome by the beauty of it all, he couldn't help but play a tune.


As we headed out, I was super happy to see that the Blessing of the Animals was coming up soon. I always love when the local news shows critters of all kinds lined up along Olvera Street for their blessing.


Then it was off to check into our home away from home for the weekend, Hotel Palomar in Westwood.



The only unfortunate part was that our room looked straight out onto the h8-breeding mormon temple.


Nonetheless, the furbitches settled right into their new home.



I'm tired. To be continued. I'm going to dream of french dip sandwiches.

8 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

WeezerMonkey said...

Do you love your camera yet? :)

Bev said...

Great pictures of the girls. Pippa looks great in her Pebble Beach top!

ssinca said...

I love, love, love BIL FGD's pad! so swanky.

Winnie said...

What ssinca said. I dig BIL FGD's decor.

10yearstogether said...

Dreamboat is right! Actually, BIL is one too. And SQUEEE for the pic of Peppah! I love that the furwhores got to come on the trip too. Here's to BIL healing swiftly.

Ann Marie said...

Your furbitches are so well traveled. My brat would be jealousE.

wan-nabe said...

i'm so glad you finally got to eat REAL philippe's, instead of that vanilla crap you had to settle for last time.

amber said...

Is Ruda Mae is such a cutie - is she a weimaraner? My bff's husband has a deposit on a litter of puppies and is hoping to bring home a new member of their family some time in June.

Yay for real Phillipe's!

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