Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the words of Sister FGD

You MUST watch this video:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MY Life on the D List

I haven't done anything blogworthy lately, except get chubby, and that is hardly worth photojournalising.

I did buy a new camera lens for my D40 and am meeting up with our photographer friend this Friday afternoon to get some tips from him and play around with my new camera and lens. Any ideas for a good city setting in OC for colorful picture-taking?

Speaking of my chub-ness, I have officially given up on yucky NutraSystem. The food is shit, people. I just couldn't acclimate. As my facebook peeps know, I just started the no-dinner-diet. We'll see how long I last on that one. My friend MsLaguna lost quite a bit of weight skipping dinners, and has somehow managed to keep off the weight for a couple years. I'm sure I'll grow tired of this latest diet quickly, but whatever.

I've been working like a mofo lately (just picture a mofo working really, really hard) and my favorite work neighbor, Lurch, twisted my arm into buying these Report Signature shoes for myself from Bluefly. I can't wait 'til I get them. Weee!

Our home computer took a giant pooper over the weekend and couldn't recover from the giant pooper it took.

Mr. FGD bought us a new computer yesterday. He narrowed it down to 2 choices, and then chose the better looking of the 2 because he didn't think I'd like the way the other one looked. Love him.

That's all for this lunch break. Happy Tuesday, homies.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Homage

I might lose some of you with this post, but I am putting in writing that one of my few life goals is to own a brand new shiny pair of Christian Louboutins. Until that delightful moment happens, I decided it was only fit that I pay respect to the brand in my blog.

Dear Beloved Red Sole, I love you. More than my husband, more than my dogs, more than my Kooba and Chloe bags. Come to me. Soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weekend Part 2: Providence, Italy and an Arrogant Bastard

We decided to make the best of BIL ('s hole in the head by ditching him and going to a restaurant on Melrose that received 2 Michelin stars, Providence.


Mr. FGD wanted to take his mom out to a nice restaurant while she was in town, and also to celebrate leaving a company he was no longer so fond of, so he busted out his 2008 Michelin guide for Los Angeles, and we ended up picking a restaurant that was literally around the corner from BIL's pad. We actually walked there. Unheard of. Who the hell walks anywhere in SoCal?

The building was very nondescript on the outside, with just a simple sign announcing its presence on the street.


The inside was lovely, but Mr. FGD thought rampant picture taking was tacky, so I quickly shot this pathetic view of the wall/ceiling.


We took one quick group shot before diving into the menu.


Here's my brief synopsis of Providence. I'm no WeeMo. Or Mr. FGD. I appreciate fine restaurants and good food, but I'm a lot less klassy than my spouse when it comes to trying new food thingies. After all, when Mr. FGD asked me what I wanted him to make me on one of my birthdays, I asked for grilled cheese and tomato soup. That being said, Mr. FGD and his mum LOVED Providence.

Against my better judgment, I agreed to the tasting menu with wine pairings, which I knew Mr. FGD really wanted to do. I figured I was too picky to do a tasting menu, but I also feel like if food is done unbelievably well, it can make things that I normally don't like taste pretty good.

Courses one through three were great. I won't bore you with the details, mainly because I can only remember details if they have to do with retail.

Courses four through six went downhill for me. Ick.

Oh well. Mr. FGD spent a fortune and had a great meal. His mum loved it. I was really bummed I wasn't even buzzed after having 5 pourings of wine. WTF?

(If you want a real review, ask Mr. FGD or wait until WeeMo goes there in the next couple of weeks.)

The next morning, we headed back over to BIL's pad to see how he was doing. He was no longer sporting the turban, and we were able to get a look at his new ear.


It was pretty nasty close-up, and Mr. FGD turned white and crawled away.


The furbitches, as usual, were oblivious and enjoying the beautiful LA weather.



BIL was hopped up on drugs and ready for some action.


By action, I mean geeking out with his little brother.


This is what the furbitches and I thought about that:





Eventually, I successfully ripped Mr. FGD and his brother off the couch, and we headed off to Mario Batali's Pizzeria Mozza to see if we could get a table without a reservation. We had to wait a little while, so I entertained myself and played with my new camera.




BIL had put on a hat and was being pretty lively for just having his ear taken off and sewed back on.

MIL was happy to be with her boys.

And finally, we were let in!

We were seated at the bar, facing a great set-up of wine.

The food at Pizzeria Mozza is simple and simply fanfuckingtastic. Please go.


We were all practically crying at how good everything was. I love you Mario.


After lunch, BIL decided he needed a break from his brother's constant chatter, and we dropped him off at his place and headed out to Malibu for some ocean, sunshine and fresh air. With the furbitches of course.


Not to worry though, eventually we needed to eat more food. We decided to do something simple and headed over to the Farmer's Market for dinner and strolling around.

We found one arrogant bastard.


And his brother.


Eventually, though, the long weekend came to an end, but it succeeded in proving to me that I don't always have to travel far to have an adventure.

And these are the memories that I'll cherish the most.



Monday, April 6, 2009

There's a Hole in My Bucket - Part 1

Last week, BIL ( FGD had surgery to fix a hole in his ear drum. That's the truth. But if you asked Mr. FGD , he'd probably tell you that his brother had to get his brain restructured because he's so dumb.

MIL ( FGD flew out from a far away land to nurse BIL back to health, and Mr. FGD and I took Friday off from work and headed up to Hollywoooood for the weekend, with the furbitches in tow.


When we arrived at BIL's pad, he was already up and sporting a turban.


Ruda Mae was thrilled to have her dad home from work for a few days, and didn't mind in the slightest the new headdress.



We hung out for awhile, and BIL groggily showed us the additions he'd made to his new pad since we'd been there last, including his new chalkboard wall:


and paintings done by his dreamboat of a friend:


MIL posed in the pullover we picked up for her on our recent trip to Pebble Beach. (MIL is the Tiger Woodress of her country club).


Ruda Mae showed us where her and her dad had been plopped for the past couple days:


which is always better when shared with your favorite human:



My furbitch is a whore and wanted to get in on the bed action.


Who's the patient now, bitch?


As usual, mini FGD had no clue what was going on and needed to sniff things out for herself.


When BIL's vicodin started to wear off, we headed out for lunch and left him to nap with 3 sexy bitches.

I was excited to go to Philippes, since the last time I was there I had just had my wisdom teef pulled and couldn't enjoy the experience.


This time though, I got to enjoy the original french dip in all its juicy glory. Oh my god. Holy handbags. My (ham and cheese dipped) sandwich was really fucking good.


I'm still thinking about it.

After Philippes, we walked around Olvera Street for a little while to enjoy the beautiful Friday afternoon a little bit more, before heading back to Chateau de Turban.


I'd never been in the area of Olvera Street before, and it lived up to my colorful expectations:





Mr. FGD was so overcome by the beauty of it all, he couldn't help but play a tune.


As we headed out, I was super happy to see that the Blessing of the Animals was coming up soon. I always love when the local news shows critters of all kinds lined up along Olvera Street for their blessing.


Then it was off to check into our home away from home for the weekend, Hotel Palomar in Westwood.



The only unfortunate part was that our room looked straight out onto the h8-breeding mormon temple.


Nonetheless, the furbitches settled right into their new home.



I'm tired. To be continued. I'm going to dream of french dip sandwiches.

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