Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Road to Thirty

is filled with elephant seals.

Or at least that's how my thirties began.

Last weekend, Sister FGD flew out from the east coast to spend my 30th birthday weekend with me, Mr. FGD, and the FGD furbitches. We began the weekend driving up coastal California with Carmel and Monterey as our destination. However, every once in a while, life has a certain way of pointing out that it's the journey that often has the greatest impact, not the final destination.

Is it strange, then, that elephant seals were part of my journey?

We got off the freeway somewhere around San Luis Obispo in order to take the windy and nauseating, but oh so beautiful, Highway 1 up to Carmel. I don't remember what caused us to stop, probably Mr. FGD saw some sort of not-so-subtle stop here and see the cute mammals sign along the freeway, and so we did. I didn't really know what to expect when we parked in front of the sparkly ocean amongst all the other cars and RVs,


but when we made our way over to where everyone was lined up along a railing pointing, staring, and photographing, I quickly realized I was amongst my own kind.

Giant, beached, sun-loving mammals.


There were hundreds, likely thousands, of beached families lying about, lazily flopping sand onto their backs.


None of them looked like they would be joining me in my torturous pilates sessions anytime soon.


And some of them desperately needed nose jobs.


Some of them bickered over who was the hottest housewife of Piedras Blancas.


But mostly, they just appeared to be enjoying a beautiful, lazy day in the sun, just as I was on a beloved Friday off from work.


Like some in life, there were those who just couldn't seem to leave the nest.


And others who wanted nothing more than a little cuddle.


But, after awhile, we had to move on; we had so much more to see!

We stopped along the way as we continued north, to pause and enjoy nature's greatest presents.


I was feeling more relaxed and content than I had since...? Well, my last vacation, I suppose.


I'm not sure where exactly we were along the central coast, but at some point we decided that the fur FGD's needed a little leg stretch.

We found the perfect place.


Spammy thought it was a big water bowl, or the largest toilet bowl she'd ever laid eyes on.



(It turns out this pit/lab mix is a little more pit when it comes to knowing what to do with water)


She just kind of wandered around a bit, getting her paws wet, never straying far from Mr. FGD, not ever noticing that her nemesis (the scary ocean) was just a few feet away, on the other side of a few wimpy rocks.


Mini FGD, however, had found Mount Everest.


After one braved Mount Everest, and the other drank half of the biggest natural water bowl she'd ever seen, the FGD furbitches were zonked.


So at the next stop, only the humans got out of the car. These just happen to be my two favorite humans.


The Road to Thirty will be continued....

5 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

WeezerMonkey said...

Elephant seals are ugly cute.

My Mr. and my bro are my two fave humans in the world. :)

amber said...

we stopped to see the elephant seals when we went to carmel a couple years ago. like weemo said, they're ugly cute.

i'm giggling so much at "furbitches." very cute!

10yearstogether said...

What a great weekend, I'm so happy for you. And the evil in me is so glad you're in the 30s club.

ssinca said...

so pretty! and I'm not talking about the seals.

Claire said...

Today is Seal's birthday. He's Heidi Klum's furbitch.

That's all.

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