Thursday, January 29, 2009


If I were to blog, that would be all I'd have to write about. Not much going on these days in the FGD world, except work, NutraSystem, a little TV, an occasional pilates session, and sleep. (Although I did have a shanktastic time at 10years' party this past Saturday, and a giggly time with Goya on Monday evening on her visit out to the West siiiide.)

But all that will change tonight! Wheeee!

Sister FGD is at Logan as we speak getting ready to come out to see her favorite little sister. (That's me.)

We have fun things planned for the weekend, and I intend to take many pictures. (I also imagine I will gain most of the 6 pounds back that I have lost on NS. Fuck.)

Side pink Toy Watch hasn't arrived yet. I emailed customer service and they said it won't be shipping for another week. Effing boo.

I almost bought a Botkier purse this morning but put myself under control in light of probable upcoming shopping this weekend. I also almost bought a Miriam Salat ring earlier this week but decided to be good instead. I fucking love My roots are starting to show. I am overdue for a bikini wax. What else?

Oh yeah.


I like that word.

The end.

6 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

ssinca said...

I don't know how you eat that nutrisystem shit. it tastes like poop.

WeezerMonkey said...

Ooh! Congrats on 6 pounds!

All the laughing you will do with your sister will prevent those pounds from coming back. :)

amber said...

have fun this weekend!!

10yearstogether said...

I'm glad I have people like you in my life - you know, the kind that live life in excess. I love to live vicariously. xoxo. Have a great time with sissy this weekend and don't friggin forget my edible souvenir!

wan-nabe said...

poop is one of my favorite words.

Claire said...

I hate that word. But you're so cool, it makes that word kinda cool. Conundrum time.

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