Saturday, December 20, 2008

Like That

Last weekend, Mr. FGD and I went up to visit BIL FGD (acronym dictionary: brother-in-law feminist gold digger) to have our Christmas dinner/gift exchange and so that I could see his newly purchased pad.

We arrived in BIL-land and found ourselves unable to get out of the underground parking garage.

We searched behind the dumpster.


The door to exit the parking garage was not behind the dumpster, it turns out. It was also not the door that was labeled "lift." Had we traveled to England?

Alas, we found our way, and BIL and Cousin Ruda Mae (aka Alien Eyes) were waiting for us outside the fantastically modern building.

Alien Eyes

BIL just moved in very recently and his place is starting to come together. It's a bit bare right now, but he's gay, so let's face it, it will look fabulous in no time.

The soon-to-be office area:


I immediately went to the loo, and found words of wisdom as I peed.


At eye level, I saw the word Everybody. When I asked BIL what that meant, he said he hadn't had a chance to finish all the blurbs, but in no time, it would read Everybody poops.


BIL's dining room table hasn't arrived yet, but these are the planned place to put your pooper.





I love, love, love the bamboo flooring:


Ms. Ruda Mae, however, is a much bigger fan of the dog run outside. I think she will be super bummed when she realizes her dog run is actually an unfurnished patio, and even more when the furniture starts arriving.


She's a mover, that Ruda Mae.


We moved upstairs to the boudoir. I love the color BIL picked for the wall. I will have to steal it next time we move.


I asked BIL to jump on the bed and do a sexy Playboy pose, and he complied!


Poor BIL's housekeeper is not a fan of all the glass in the new place.


Then it was on to presents! (My favorite part.)


BIL got me the MJ perfume I asked for, along with a super luxe body scrub from Fred Segal (he even confirmed with the actual creator when he met her that it hadn't been animal-tested, just people tested! Good BIL).


After a few gifts were exchanged, we headed off to dinner at Comme Ca.


Sorry for that blurry shot. Not that I take good pictures even on the best of days, but I think BIL was a little embarrassed by my rampant picture-taking, so I was feeling the need for speed.

I was impressed by the restaurant decor, and even more so by the lighting. I don't know why, but part of my dining experience sometimes has to do with lighting. I hate it when it's too bright, or when it's so dim you're wondering what they're covering up.


The bar. Again, trying to be quick and subtle with the rampant photo taking.



Our server, after he saw me snap the above photo, pointed out the one flopping flower. It was stationed in the bar, so I can only imagine it had too much to drink.

French bread. In a cute wrapper!





Warning: the following photo will make you either scream obscenities, orgasm, or both.


And yes, it was that good.

Charcuterie Plate:


My Red Wine Braised Paleron of Beef:


It was disgusting and I could barely swallow it.

Licked Plate

I forgot to take a picture of dessert, but it was good. All in all, great meal, great company. I totally approve, even though we missed a Charlize Theron sighting.

But then it was back to pick up Ruda Mae from her other dad's house.




Where are my leftovers?


Dark profile.




So fun.

Merry Christmas BIL and Cousin Ruda FGD. Love the new diggs!

7 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

WeezerMonkey said...

I think BIL's digs look pretty good already! Comme Ca looks good, but I'm scared to go because it's by Sona's chef, and I'm still angry about Sona. :P

dapotato said...

ruda mae's so pretty! love the new digs. particularly the idea for "everybody poops."

Aline said...

Loved the idea of "everybody poops!"

I love those chairs! Very cool!

ssinca said...

BIL's house looks rad. please share after pictures as well!

amber said...

that pad is awesome. please post pics after he finishes working his magic on it :)

wan-nabe said...

what a truly fabulous looking house!

my favorite line: "but he's gay, so let's face it, it will look fabulous in no time."

Claire said...

Sweet pad! Although I did at first think Ruda Mae was a person and was thus sad for the woman you had dubbed "Alien Eyes." ;D

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