Saturday, December 20, 2008

Like That

Last weekend, Mr. FGD and I went up to visit BIL FGD (acronym dictionary: brother-in-law feminist gold digger) to have our Christmas dinner/gift exchange and so that I could see his newly purchased pad.

We arrived in BIL-land and found ourselves unable to get out of the underground parking garage.

We searched behind the dumpster.


The door to exit the parking garage was not behind the dumpster, it turns out. It was also not the door that was labeled "lift." Had we traveled to England?

Alas, we found our way, and BIL and Cousin Ruda Mae (aka Alien Eyes) were waiting for us outside the fantastically modern building.

Alien Eyes

BIL just moved in very recently and his place is starting to come together. It's a bit bare right now, but he's gay, so let's face it, it will look fabulous in no time.

The soon-to-be office area:


I immediately went to the loo, and found words of wisdom as I peed.


At eye level, I saw the word Everybody. When I asked BIL what that meant, he said he hadn't had a chance to finish all the blurbs, but in no time, it would read Everybody poops.


BIL's dining room table hasn't arrived yet, but these are the planned place to put your pooper.





I love, love, love the bamboo flooring:


Ms. Ruda Mae, however, is a much bigger fan of the dog run outside. I think she will be super bummed when she realizes her dog run is actually an unfurnished patio, and even more when the furniture starts arriving.


She's a mover, that Ruda Mae.


We moved upstairs to the boudoir. I love the color BIL picked for the wall. I will have to steal it next time we move.


I asked BIL to jump on the bed and do a sexy Playboy pose, and he complied!


Poor BIL's housekeeper is not a fan of all the glass in the new place.


Then it was on to presents! (My favorite part.)


BIL got me the MJ perfume I asked for, along with a super luxe body scrub from Fred Segal (he even confirmed with the actual creator when he met her that it hadn't been animal-tested, just people tested! Good BIL).


After a few gifts were exchanged, we headed off to dinner at Comme Ca.


Sorry for that blurry shot. Not that I take good pictures even on the best of days, but I think BIL was a little embarrassed by my rampant picture-taking, so I was feeling the need for speed.

I was impressed by the restaurant decor, and even more so by the lighting. I don't know why, but part of my dining experience sometimes has to do with lighting. I hate it when it's too bright, or when it's so dim you're wondering what they're covering up.


The bar. Again, trying to be quick and subtle with the rampant photo taking.



Our server, after he saw me snap the above photo, pointed out the one flopping flower. It was stationed in the bar, so I can only imagine it had too much to drink.

French bread. In a cute wrapper!





Warning: the following photo will make you either scream obscenities, orgasm, or both.


And yes, it was that good.

Charcuterie Plate:


My Red Wine Braised Paleron of Beef:


It was disgusting and I could barely swallow it.

Licked Plate

I forgot to take a picture of dessert, but it was good. All in all, great meal, great company. I totally approve, even though we missed a Charlize Theron sighting.

But then it was back to pick up Ruda Mae from her other dad's house.




Where are my leftovers?


Dark profile.




So fun.

Merry Christmas BIL and Cousin Ruda FGD. Love the new diggs!

Friday, December 19, 2008

But gays love a good parade!

Washington Post
Obama's Inaugural Mistake
By Joe Solmonese
Friday, December 19, 2008;
It is difficult to comprehend how our president-elect, who has been so spot-on in nearly every political move and gesture, could fail to grasp the symbolism of inviting an anti-gay theologian to deliver his inaugural invocation. And the Obama campaign's response to the anger about this decision? Hey, we're also bringing a gay marching band. You know how the gays love a parade.
Yes, the Rev. Rick Warren, pastor of the humongous, evangelical Saddleback Church in Orange County, Calif., has a sound message on poverty. And certainly, in the world of politics, there is a view that Barack Obama owes Warren for bringing him before fellow evangelicals, despite fierce opposition during the heat of the presidential campaign.
But here's the other thing about Warren, the author of the bestselling book "The Purpose Driven Life": He was a general in the campaign to pass California's Proposition 8, which dissolved the legal marriage rights of loving, committed same-sex couples.
For that reason, inviting Warren to set the tone at the dawn of this new presidency sends a chilling message to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. It makes us uncertain about this exciting, young president-elect who has said repeatedly that we are part of his America, too.

We understand that the Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, a civil rights icon and a dear friend of LGBT Americans, will close the inauguration ceremony. But would any inaugural committee say to Jewish Americans, "We're opening with an anti-Semite but closing the program with a rabbi, so don't
It is likely that one of two scenarios played out during behind-the-scenes inaugural planning, both of them equally troubling. The first possibility is that it was suggested that Warren is the correct voice to lead the inauguration because his selection would send a message of inclusion to evangelicals. And when someone at the table said, "Gay America will be offended by that choice," the quick answer was, "That's fine, we'll deal with it. We invited the gay marching band."
The second possibility is that no one at the table had a clue about Warren's anti-gay views and that the Obama team has been stunned by the broad and loud objections to the choice. That's not encouraging, either.
What the Obama team needs to understand is that for many LGBT Americans, this November was bittersweet. We were thrilled with Obama's victory and, in fact, many of us worked the phones, pounded the pavement and wrote checks to make that happen. But the next day, we learned that Proposition 8 passed in California, and our hearts sank. It was the biggest loss our community has faced in decades.
One of the biggest reasons for that hurtful outcome was the Rev. Rick Warren, who publicly endorsed Proposition 8 in late October. He told his parishioners and reporters alike that "any pastor could be considered doing hate speech if he shared his views that he didn't think homosexuality was the most natural way for relationships." But civil marriage rights for same-sex couples had nothing whatsoever to do with religion.
President-elect Obama must now, as my mother used to say, put some meat on the bone.
We've seen appointment after appointment of talented Americans who come from constituencies that are part of this country and helped win his election. Well, we're one of those constituencies who actually worked and voted for Obama, unlike Warren and probably most of his 21,000 parishioners. Yet, we're the ones left waiting for some real evidence of inclusion.
So, are we angry about Rick Warren? You bet we are. And including a gay marching band in the inaugural festivities doesn't heal this wound. It only serves to make us question the promises that Barack Obama made in his historic quest to be president. We pray we weren't misled.
The writer is president of Human Rights Campaign.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Prop 8 (Still Sucks) Update

Sat, Dec 20th, 5pm: Nationwide LIGHT UP THE NIGHT FOR EQUALITY:

Costa Mesa: South Coast Plaza, Bear and South Coast Dr. (Same as Nov. 15th rally) Orange County Equality Coalition, Elizabeth Aversa, Activism Chair, Contact:

Anaheim: Downtown Disney Shopping Center; Details: facebook, Contact:

Santa Ana: Main Place Mall; Details: MySpace; Contact:;

Huntington Beach: Beach & Ellis; Details:; Contact:

This will be a peaceful demonstration in the spirit of the holidays.
Dress alike. Wear the same t-shirts or signs pinned to your coats. You can make or buy a "2nd Class Citizen" t-shirt, but the message is optional. Learn more about why we suggest "2nd Class Citizen."

Hosting peaceful candlelight vigils
We will stay silent unless asked a question, we will not yell, instigate, or bear signs. Instead, we will let our shirts do the talking and our candles pay our respects. Bring candles (battery powered if you'll be huddling inside).
Singing and/or silence encouraged...chanting is not....keep it peaceful and in the holiday spirit.

Petition: President-elect Barack Obama invites opponent of Prop 8 Pastor Rev. Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration
It is appalling that President-elect Barack Obama would invite California Pastor Rev. Rick Warren, an ardent supporter of Prop 8 and someone who is opposed to the equality of LGBT Americans, to give the invocation at his inauguration.
Demand that President-elect Obama immediately rescind this invitation, at:

Would President-elect Obama invite someone to give the invocation who supported eliminating the civil rights of a minority other than the LGBT community? Of course he wouldn’t! This is a slap in the face to the millions of LGBT Americans and their allies who supported his historic candidacy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have you seen my antler?

Did you know dogs will go to town on antlers?

I did not.

This past weekend, we took our smelly mutts to the do-it-yourself bathing place that we frequent (with the dogs I mean. we don't frequent it without the dogs. that would be strange.). The place is also a little dog boutique and Sammy FGD always drags me straight to the treat buffet if we have to wait for a bathtub.

I noticed her pulling on her leash as I was trying to sniff some doggie shampoo.

Imagine my surprise when I looked over and she had antlers sticking out behind her.

Oh well. We are suckers.

No antler-wearers were harmed in the making of this post. Shed naturally!


Monday, December 15, 2008




Mini FGD?

Oh Yes.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Happy Birthday Sister FGD!

It's too bad all of our days together, too few and far between, can't be spent outside of a sex shop in P-Town.

Or hijacking pictures outside the Louvre!

But for all the miles that we are apart, I hold you that much closer in my heart.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Earlier this week, Kooba and I ventured up to Seattle for a quick work-related trip. The trip was a bit of a whirlwind and started way, way too early.

4:30 am early!

However, I was uber-paranoid that I would sleep through my alarm and miss my flight, so I actually didn't have that much trouble waking up, despite only a handful of hours of sleep.

The day flew by. I got to meet a bunch of people that I work with that I had only known up until that point by email. We all got along really well, which made for a fun trip. Besides the good company, the best part of the trip was of course the food! We ate really, really well, especially on Monday.

For lunch we went to a casual restaurant called Tutta Bella. They had brick-oven pizza that was so, so good. I forgot my camera, so you'll just have to imagine along with me. We shared four different thin-crust pizzas and a couple salads, and polished off every bite. There was the threat of a throw-down for the last few slices, but unfortunately, no fists were thrown. Next time.

That evening, we bundled up (as much as I could in my SoCal-friendly light trench) and ventured out to the Farmer's Market. It was so fantastically festive! Normally I love this time of year (one of my favorite days of the year is when Starbucks switches to the red cup!), but I've been feeling a little behind this year on the excitement of the holidays.

Please excuse the following photos as I was trying to maneuver the old cobblestone road while still maintaining balance in my heeled (below the calf) boots.

Kooba and Kurly walking along the cobblestone much more gracefully than I was:

Me still trying to figure out our relatively new point and shoot while trying not to fall over on the road. I also could not for the life of me see how to turn the flash on and off or find the zoom in the dark.

Still unable to locate the zoom and I was so pissed! This was the cutest damn pig Rudolph I've ever freakin seen and I couldn't get a good picture. Ugh.

Trying to get rid of the flash and accidentally taking a picture:

I think this is the most normal picture of the bunch:

The menu at Il Bistro! Mmmmmmm.

Il Bistro was fucking fantastic and a must-try if you're in downtown Seattle. Such a great location, although I wouldn't recommend trying to get there if it's icy. I could barely walk to it when the cobblestone was bone dry.

So while we're perusing the wine menu for a good red, JollyBloody'RightThenMate starts asking us what kind of wine we like. Do you like a bold flavor, do you like this, do you like that, do you like your wine chewy?


Unfortunately, JollyBloody'RightThenMate happened to be looking at me when she asked this questions. I stared at her blankly, trying to quickly figure out what rhymed with chewy, which is what I was pretty sure came out of her mouth, but what surely she couldn't be asking me.


JollyBloody'RightThenMate had to explain to all of us novices that chewy is actually a legitimate term to describe wine. In fact, while searching for chewy wine on the internet, I found all kinds of great definitions!! From

Chewy: lots of tannin and full bodied. Big wine.

Flabby(!!!!!!): Lacking in acid.

Jammy: Usually wines from warm climates and soft dark fruit, cooked flavours dominate. (Or, my definition: what you wear at night while drinking your wine.)

Fleshy: Smooth full bodied reds usually. (Or, how you feel after too much wine and cheese)

Cardboard: Smell of damp papers or cardboard. (A sign you're drinking the wrong wine?)

I could go on and on. These crazy Brits!

A couple more pictures from Il Bistro:

To end, when you're in Seattle, go to Il Bistro, and order some chewy wine. But stay away from the flabby cardboard jammy wine.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

This is not a funny story.

I've been craving some flat, black, below-the-knee boots. I found a pair that looked comfy (for a potential NYC all-day jaunt) and were on sale. Yippee, I thought, when I realized they actually had my size in stock! I ordered away, despite knowing that I have chubby calves and can never wear boot that go up to the knees.

Alas, the boots came the day before Thanksgiving and I couldn't really get them up past my ankles. Mr. FGD shook his head sadly, perhaps to commiserate with me, or perhaps thinking if only he had known he was marrying someone with fatty calves....

I prefer to think he was commiserating with me.

I sadly packed the boots back up and put them in our guest room.

Then came Thanksgiving day morning when it was time to get rid of all clutter in the house in preparation of our house guests. I asked Mr. FGD where I should put the giant box o' skinny boots and he said, in the garage. Now, picture this, a 2-car garage filled with 2 cars, a garbage bin and recycling bin that the HOA nazi's require go in our garages, and several tall shelves filled with excess crap such as Christmas decorations, luggage, extra TP and paper towels, etc. This does not leave much room for the subject box. I quickly laid the box on top of the recycling bin and ran back inside the house to finish cleaning up.

You can probably see where this is going.

Yesterday was trash and recycling day.

I'll just leave it at that.

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