Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Trip that Turned Colorado Blue


Mr. FGD went to school at CU [not Canada University, not Cliffnotes University, but the University of Colorado, Boulder.] Mr. FGD is a Buffs fan in a major way. He loves him so CU. Strangely, I have grown to love CU too.

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This past Sunday marked our return from the lovely state of Colorado (I say “lovely” in part in order to butter up the residents to turn the l.o.v.e.l.y. state blue this year). I’d never been to Colorado before I met Mr. FGD. Now I love it.

The trip started off on a very high note. For the couple days before, I was super bummed because our plans had changed a little and I would now be meeting Mr. FGD in Denver rather than flying out with him. My solo flight didn’t leave until 8 pm. Once Mr. FGD’s plans changed and we were set to meet in Denver, I didn’t have to leave so late. So I checked out the earlier flights on Frontier, only to find out they had changed their standby policy. Basically, it doesn’t exist anymore unless you want to shell out a load of cash to change your flight. I was so bummed, having taken the whole day off on Wednesday and not having a flight out for my mini-vacay until 8 pm. Mr. FGD made me call Frontier to see if there was anything I could do. It turned out their new policy was effective for all flights booked on or after August 15th. Guess what day Mr. FGD booked our flights? August 14th. (happy dance)

My flight and arrival into Denver were pretty uneventful. I found my luggage (always an enormous relief for those of you that know my prior luggage horror stories), got to the rental facility and picked up my sweet Nissan Altima. Stupid National for not letting me use Mr. FGD’s Emerald Club to complimentarily upgrade to an SUV. Fuckers. I went back to the airport and hung out at an airport bar waiting for Mr. FGD to arrive while reading some yummy chic lit.

The first night we stayed in downtown Denver at the Hyatt Regency because originally we were going to get in super late and didn’t feel like driving out to Boulder. It ended up working out great though because I had previously spent very little time in Denver and this way got to enjoy a little stroll to Laramar Square for drinks.

Osteria Marco ended up being a great little place where we could sit outside and enjoy some cocktails. It was a lovely evening. l.o.v.e.l.y. (butter)

I was so excited when we got back to the hotel room and I realized that toothpaste was provided. This is one certain way to win me over. I just think if you’re going to provide shampoo and conditioner and body wash, you need to throw in toothpaste. Everyone uses it. Or at least it’s a good hint that they should be using it. I had to take a picture.

While I was documenting the toothpaste action, Mr. FGD called and ordered a humidifier so we didn’t scratch our eyeballs and throats out during the middle of the night. He’s such a pro.

Thursday we woke up somewhat leisurely and made the 90ish-in-dry-weather drive out to Vail. I’d never been to the mountains in Colorado before. We were supposed to stay in Beaver Creek a couple winters ago when we were in Colorado for the Music Teacher’s wedding. Things didn’t really go as planned. My luggage got stolen and Denver was under a blizzard. We never made it.

We left a really nice morning in Denver only to arrive in Vail to hail. I was scared. I have, after all, lived in Orange County for 11 years. I don’t know what to do with precipitation. I certainly don’t know what to do with cold stuff that falls from the sky. I freaked and ran for cover. Mr. FGD laughed at me but I quietly noticed he ran right after me.

I wasn’t really all that impressed with the little downtown area of Vail. I guess that’s not really why people go to Vail though. I was bummed I didn’t have any Trista and Ryan sightings. I thought he was super hot from the Bachelor days of years past. Does no one remember that six-pack?

The highlight of the trip to Vail was meeting Azalia, sweetest girl ever. A fantastic shopkeeper to boot.

On our way into Boulder, we stopped at many of the CU apparel stores. I found a way to keep warm, just in case the temperature dipped below 70.

Once in Boulder, we checked into the St. Julien hotel. It was lovely (butter).

The bathroom was the best part, but apparently my pictures of it came out so shitty blurry that Mr. FGD deleted them! Here’s a boring one of the room.

One of my favorite features of the room was a little prairie dog stuffed animal that you could buy to support some sort of animal rescue fund. I love prairie dogs!

We went out to dinner at a nearby brewery (one of the awesome things about where we stayed was that almost everything was in walking distance of our hotel) and I calorie/carb-splurged on an amazing masterpiece called Mac n Chicken. I am salivating at the memories.

We ate quickly so that we could make it back in time to watch the VP debate. I wanted stupid-face take-my-rights-away Palin to fall flat on her freakish clear glasses. Thank goodness she taught me the virtues of a good “You betcha” with a strong wink.

I was sleepy afterwards but Mr. FGD dragged me out nonetheless. We hit the Foundry (read: bar) far earlier than the students arrived, and enjoyed a relatively quiet drink and an invitation to join a foosball tournament before the crowds arrived. It turned out the Foundry was the place to be that night if you were in your 40s and about to get married for the 2nd time.

There were some rowdy cougars in the house, but I loved them. They had great energy and didn’t give a fuck. That’s my kind of woman. Mr. FGD bought the bride-to-be a shot. Nice touch.

To be continued.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Bison hats are the best.

ssinca said...

please tell me you bought that hat.

that mac & chicken looks to.die.for.

Jessica said...

I love CO, too!

Ashley said...

I can't believe you have never been to Aspen! It's gorgeous, has amazing shopping and spas, and everything is within walking distance of the good hotels. I'm still bummed that we had to cancel our trip, boo.

Bev said...

That pic of you in the buffalo hat is one of the best I've ever seen. Can you please give a framed one to Mom and Dad for Christmas?

wan-nabe said...

i don't love prairie dogs, only because i associate them with that uncomfortable i-have-to-poop-but-i-have-to-hold-it-for-some-reason feeling.

amber said...

that hat is quite fetching.

and i want the mac and cheese, please.

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