Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adventures in Otolaryngology

I went to visit an ENT doctor today for the first time. That's ear, nose and throat, or for those of you are fancy, Otolaryngologist. I've been having problems with my sinuses since April, and after 6 long months of snot-filled agony, Mr. FGD insisted I see a professional.

All was going well until Dr. ENT didn't see anything abnormal with just prying open my throat and nostrils. Things took a turn for the worse when he left the room saying he'd be back with a camera. How was he going to take a picture of my nasal cavity with a camera? I was curious to see this.

And then he returned.

And then came fear.

Dr. ENT's alleged "camera" was actually a 9-foot black snake that was about to slither its way around inside my sinuses. As he told me to relax and look straight ahead, I wondered which third-world country provided my alleged otolaryngologist with his degree. I bet he didn't even know how to spell otolaryngologist.

I managed to survived the snake's nasal slither and within a couple of minutes was breathing calmly again, having somehow sidestepped a near certain death.

Dr. ENT sent me off with a few packages of nasal spray, directions for another medicine, and luck for healing the snake bites. I'm supposed to return in 2 weeks if I don't start feeling better, although next time, I'm definitely going to ask him how to spell Otolaryngologist.

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WeezerMonkey said...

That was my winning spelling bee word in sixth grade!

Not really, but did you believe it for a sec? Tee hee hee.

Claire said...

No offense, but you don't look very good in that photo.

McSteamy is an ENT. Did you know that?

NorCalMrs said...

haha Claire. I did see that a while back. He solved a poor guys headache because he was an ENT. Little known fact.

I hope you feel better soon my dear. Sinus issues bite the big one.

ssinca said...


hope the snake bites heal quickly.

oh, and I hope your nose stops running, too.

wan-nabe said...

so, um, yay for breathing?

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