Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween from an FGD skunk and a hot dog

There's a reason this is one of my

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This one is for you

Dear Mr. FGD:

I would never say this to your face, because that's just not my style, but I wanted to tell you just how proud of you I am.

I can't believe you had the balls to go out BY YOURSELF on a huge intersection and stand there with your NO ON PROP 8, DON'T DISCRIMINATE SIGN today. For an hour and a half until someone else joined you. And then a few more people joined you. And then someone called their friends and more people joined you. And then I joined you. And then many others joined us.

I don't say it enough; actually, I never say it. But just know that I admire your conviction so, so much.

You make me so proud.

Any suggestions?

I was absolutely ENRAGED last night to see my favorite No on 8 intersection taken over by a huge Yes on HATE/8 group of losers. I screamed BIGOTS!!! as I drove by and gave them the thumbs-down, but bigots was all I could come up with on such short notice (you see, I was expecting my No on 8 pals to be there!). Any recommendations for next time? Mr. FGD suggested LIARS in response to the PROP 8 = FREE SPEECH / PROP 8 = RELIGIOUS FREEDOM bullshit signs. But I'm taking recommendations.

Today's reminder:

Sunday, October 26, 2008


As some of you know, my Team Green partner in crime, 10years, was well over due for a haircut. I understand being low-may, but a year+ between haircuts is a bit of a stretch. It got to the point where I didn't even feel bad about making horse noises whenever I saw her. She had grown a burly mane and I felt it was time I took matters into my own hooves.

What's a Team Green partner to do? Make the appointment myself and drag 10years to it with a pair of strong reins!

This is a sad-looking 10years before at the very end of her 1-year hair cutting sabbatical:

Grooming the pony:

My beloved hair stylist Gina almost shot herself in the head when she asked 10years how long it had been:

Just the beginning of the tree trimming:

And voila, all groomed and happy!

Let's hope this doesn't become an annual event.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Adventures in Otolaryngology

I went to visit an ENT doctor today for the first time. That's ear, nose and throat, or for those of you are fancy, Otolaryngologist. I've been having problems with my sinuses since April, and after 6 long months of snot-filled agony, Mr. FGD insisted I see a professional.

All was going well until Dr. ENT didn't see anything abnormal with just prying open my throat and nostrils. Things took a turn for the worse when he left the room saying he'd be back with a camera. How was he going to take a picture of my nasal cavity with a camera? I was curious to see this.

And then he returned.

And then came fear.

Dr. ENT's alleged "camera" was actually a 9-foot black snake that was about to slither its way around inside my sinuses. As he told me to relax and look straight ahead, I wondered which third-world country provided my alleged otolaryngologist with his degree. I bet he didn't even know how to spell otolaryngologist.

I managed to survived the snake's nasal slither and within a couple of minutes was breathing calmly again, having somehow sidestepped a near certain death.

Dr. ENT sent me off with a few packages of nasal spray, directions for another medicine, and luck for healing the snake bites. I'm supposed to return in 2 weeks if I don't start feeling better, although next time, I'm definitely going to ask him how to spell Otolaryngologist.

A gem

Many thanks to the friend formerly known as ForeverEngaged for this one.

Take that, I say!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

This week's reminder

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Colorado, Part 2

Where was I?

It's been so dang long that I wrote about our trip to Colorado that I can't even remember where I left off.

Oh, the cougar bachelorette party. Now I remember.

Actually, I don't really. By now I've forgotten pretty much everything I was going to say about this trip, and it seems so far away anyway. I guess I'll just share my pictures that I didn't get to share last post.

There was this really cute independent/local pet store right by our hotel. Of course we stopped in. There were several dogs in there with their owners doing some shopping. I almost thought one of them was a throw-rug and stepped on it. That could have been expensive.

One of the first things I noticed about this store was the sheepdog(?) sitting in the front window. He had this great little sign in front of him that said although he was friendly, he was very shy, so please don't stick your grimy little hands in his face and taunt him. Or something like that. Anyway, he was very cute and looked like a sweet companion.

Later on we went to Mr. FGD's old campus to walk around and do some bookstore shopping. Here are some random blurry pictures I took while Mr. FGD was looking at something that I can't remember. I am an amazing story teller.

Apparently there are a lot of mountains in Colorado.

Later on in the day/evening we met up with a bunch of Mr. FGD's college friends to watch the community pep rally sort of thing that CU does Friday night before a home football game. I think. I wasn't really paying attention to the details. But I actually had fun. It started off with part of the marching band walking into a bar on Pearl Street and playing some CU fight songs or something. It was very loud and crowd-pleasing. Even I was crowd-pleased.

Then we headed outside to where the rest of the band and the football team and the community/alumni peeps were. There were a ton of people.

After a few more brief CU song thingys, it turned into a small parade with the marching band and football team walking down a block or two of Pearl Street. At one point we stopped and I photographed football players who were very random to me but looked cute if you're into college age football players. Which I'm not. But they were kinda cute.

Mr. FGD had been watching something on TV earlier that day and a CU football player was being interviewed. I recognized the guy on the left as being that guy. Couldn't tell you what he plays or what his name is though.

I was very impressed with their choice in footwear.

I was trying to take a picture of something in particular here, and I remember the guy moving and I didn't get what I wanted, but now I can't remember what the hell I was doing.

I think the guy on the right in the above pic is super-cute. I totally would have banged him in college. (I'm putting this in just so I can here Mr. FGD say, "that's disgusting."

This tape was hung improperly, therefore I was not cautious. Instead, I was noituac.

Then came the marching band geeks. Mr. FGD used to be a marching bank geek. Would you have guessed? (Of course you would have. He is still a geek.)

Go Buffs! That means buffaloes, not nekkid people.

More parade geekdom.

Mr. FGD was a trumpet player (section leader! he would exuberantly add while I snort/guffaw in the background) and I know he was reminiscing about the days of your/yore (what the fuck is that saying?) while watching the trumpet section trumpet their little hearts out.

The next day I went to Mr. FGD's friends' tailgate while Mr. FGD and the Music Teacher went to bank geek alumni fest 2008. Unfortunately, I only took one whole picture during the tailgate. Fortunately, it was of my sweet latin lover Enrique/Jose.

Then it was off to the football game. Large masses of people. Scary redneck Texas fans. Pictures:

During halftime, Mr. FGD played with the marching band and alumni band. It was the 100th anniversary of the CU marching band. It was also the first and last time Mr. FGD will partake in the alumni band. (The best part of the weekend was Mr. FGD finding out that nearly all of his friends from band had become too cool to partake in the alumni band and would be tailgating/drinking instead of partaking in the bandgeek alumni festivities.)

Mr. FGD is the one in the spandex with the flag.

After a tragic defeat by the redneck team, it was off to the coolest bar I have ever been to, The Dark Horse. I will allow the pictures of the place to speak for themselves. It was a quirky photographer's dream. (I'm certainly not claiming to be a photographer. I'm just saying that if you were a quirky photographer, you'd love this place.)

Lots of Buff fans were at the Dark Horse.

Even some beavers were in attendance.

And even a wild boar.

I took some pictures of the outside on the way out. I guess I should have taken them on the way in.

It's an expensive place to be a student.

My attempt at throwing on some gloss before the Music Teacher took a picture.

Dorkiest picture ever.

And the bikes for borrowing outside our hotel. I was excited that they personalized all of them with my initial.

Goodbye Colorado. I can't wait to see you at the 150th year band geek fest!

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