Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For the Love of Cotton

This past weekend, Mr. FGD and I took a little weekend getaway to celebrate our cotton wedding anniversary. That's the two-year mark for those of you that are not as easily entertained by themed anniversaries created by someone probably long dead.

We traveled down to the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, and stayed at Tower 23, a fantastically modern boutique hotel right on the beach.

Here are some photos I took of the lobby while Mr. FGD checked us in:

Mr. FGD had booked us an oceanfront Surf Pad which we were both really excited about. Much to our delight, upon checking in, Mr. FGD was informed that we were being upgraded to the nicest suite in the hotel, the Sweet Suite!

Here are some pics from our roomS:

Bathroom 1 of 2

the living room area (and where we had our in-room massages on Saturday)

bar area

the other bathroom area

the bed. duh.

Enjoying our welcome cocktails (sex on the beach - ooh la la!)

I quickly decided it was gift time.

Despite having stayed in some beautiful hotels ever since meeting Mr. FGD, this was actually the first time I've ever stayed in a room that had TWO bathrooms. I was in heaven. (I have no idea why I just described having two bathrooms as heaven.)

After going for a stroll on the boardwalk that paralleled the ocean, we settled in for dinner at the hotel's restaurant, JRDN (pronounced Jordan, not the French word for garden as I assumed because I am oh-so Frenchy all of a sudden).

I started my meal with one of the best lobster bisque soups I've ever had. It was so awesome. I really wanted to lick the bowl. I actually asked Mr. FGD if he would be embarrassed if I did. But he was in serious foodie mode and shot me a look that made me shove my tongue back in my mouth before I could actually get my tongue to the bowl. Party pooper.

Anyway, we both had steaks and wine and really yummy dessert and it was overall a fantastic meal. (The next day we ran into the executive chef and Mr. FGD was able to tell him how much we loved our meal. That was nice.)

When we got back to our sweet suite, we were greeted with our "naughty turndown." I'll spare the details.

We went to bed with our sliding door wide open so we could hear the sound of the ocean and waves crashing below us. It was heavenly.

The next day, Mr. FGD did some surfing in the morning and we spent a few hours in the afternoon at the hotel bar restaurant having lunch and an afternoon cocktail with my old friend who I will appropriately nickname BTiM. (Bad taste in men).

Mr. FGD and I spent the remainder of the weekend relaxing, drinking and eating. I even got a little shopping in when we stopped at the outlets on the way home. It was a fantastic local trip away and it was much needed.

Happy Anniversary Mr. FGD (September 16). I <3 you.

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NorCalMrs said... sweet. What an awesome anniversary weekend! Does your husband give anniversary celebration lessons? Cuz I know someone that could use them. ;)

What an awesome hotel!

10yearstogether said...

Omg I love it. I'll ignore the hints at sexy-ism. I'm glad you and MrFGD had a great time, you've been working like a madwoman and you deserved it. Welcome home, I've missed you! Happy Anniversary to my favorite FGDs!

WeezerMonkey said...


ssinca said...

you really do live a luxurious life! that place looks amazing!

happy anniversary;)

amber said...

what a fabulously luxe anniversary trip!

Ann Marie said...

Happy anniversary! It looks like it was a fantastic weekend.

wan-nabe said...


dude, i actually squealed when i saw where you stayed, because the hub and i have stayed there too. love, love, LOVE that hotel.

[filing away the "naughty turndown service" for future use]

Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Ashley said...

I am also filing this away, but in my awesome places I would to go but never will file. That hotel looks fab.

dapotato said...

i think i need to stay in the suite sweet. please email a hint to the bear for me, please. kthxbye.

happy anniversary!

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