Friday, September 26, 2008

Panty Raid

Let me preface this by saying: I never blog at work. Well, I occasionally do, but only on my lunch. So today is obviously special because it’s the middle of the afternoon, and I’m at work posting this. I just couldn’t stop myself. A spectacular thing happened today, discovered by my friend Giraffe.

Late this morning, Giraffe walked into my office, mouth agape, and asked if I had been to the restroom recently. I hadn’t. She proceeded to explain, mouth still half open, that not only was there a pair of underwear on the sink in the bathroom, it was, wait for it… a Taco Bell bag. (Isn’t there some sort of pink taco slang that would be appropriate here?)

It was one of those things I really wanted to see for myself, yet really didn’t want to see for myself.

Lucky (or unlucky) for me, they were still there when I went to the restroom a little while later. Only they had moved from the sink area to the little vanity table area.

It was too much for me not to document.

So, here we go.

Victoria’s Secret undies in a Taco Bell bag.

I would have gotten a closer-up image, but of course somewhat walked in with me camera in hand stooped over.

Now that’s embarrassing.

Viva Las Vegas!

Happy Birthday 30th Jessica! I can't wait to celebrate in Vegas this weekend!! (the run-down will follow early next week!)

Please cross your fingers for many Wheel of Furtune cha-chings!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Now what will I call her?

Recently, my dear friend ForeverEngaged tied the knot with her longtime love in a private ceremony in Santa Monica. A few weeks later, we were invited to celebrate with them at a small reception for close friends and family.

ForeverEngaged was one of my BMs in my own wedding (that's Bridesmaid, not Bowel Movement) so I was excited for her to reap the rewards of wedding gifts and a honeymoon.

First, some shots of her colors and decor.

ForeverEngaged is originally from Virginia, while Mr.FE is a SoCal native, so their wedding favors paid tribute to both of those things.

I am not much of a cake person, but hers was Red Velvet!!! I loooove Red Velvet!

Disposable cameras were put out on the tables. Fortunately, ForeverEngaged and Mr. FE knew their guests well and were thus, not expecting serious shots.

When my dear friends (and BMs) (again, Bridesmaids, not Bowel Movements) finally arrived after being stuck in bad traffic, I had already made myself well acquainted with the open bar.

However, I was still able to pose for a smattering of good girlfriend poses. For a moment, anyway.

And then, I started to get a little shitfaced. I thought everyone should act silly too!

Somewhere along the lines, dinner took place. But what I clearly enjoyed the most, was dessert.

Anyway, congratulations ForeverEngaged and Mr. FE. You two make a fine couple who know how to throw a good party. And in the book of what's important, isn't that at the top?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For the Love of Cotton

This past weekend, Mr. FGD and I took a little weekend getaway to celebrate our cotton wedding anniversary. That's the two-year mark for those of you that are not as easily entertained by themed anniversaries created by someone probably long dead.

We traveled down to the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, and stayed at Tower 23, a fantastically modern boutique hotel right on the beach.

Here are some photos I took of the lobby while Mr. FGD checked us in:

Mr. FGD had booked us an oceanfront Surf Pad which we were both really excited about. Much to our delight, upon checking in, Mr. FGD was informed that we were being upgraded to the nicest suite in the hotel, the Sweet Suite!

Here are some pics from our roomS:

Bathroom 1 of 2

the living room area (and where we had our in-room massages on Saturday)

bar area

the other bathroom area

the bed. duh.

Enjoying our welcome cocktails (sex on the beach - ooh la la!)

I quickly decided it was gift time.

Despite having stayed in some beautiful hotels ever since meeting Mr. FGD, this was actually the first time I've ever stayed in a room that had TWO bathrooms. I was in heaven. (I have no idea why I just described having two bathrooms as heaven.)

After going for a stroll on the boardwalk that paralleled the ocean, we settled in for dinner at the hotel's restaurant, JRDN (pronounced Jordan, not the French word for garden as I assumed because I am oh-so Frenchy all of a sudden).

I started my meal with one of the best lobster bisque soups I've ever had. It was so awesome. I really wanted to lick the bowl. I actually asked Mr. FGD if he would be embarrassed if I did. But he was in serious foodie mode and shot me a look that made me shove my tongue back in my mouth before I could actually get my tongue to the bowl. Party pooper.

Anyway, we both had steaks and wine and really yummy dessert and it was overall a fantastic meal. (The next day we ran into the executive chef and Mr. FGD was able to tell him how much we loved our meal. That was nice.)

When we got back to our sweet suite, we were greeted with our "naughty turndown." I'll spare the details.

We went to bed with our sliding door wide open so we could hear the sound of the ocean and waves crashing below us. It was heavenly.

The next day, Mr. FGD did some surfing in the morning and we spent a few hours in the afternoon at the hotel bar restaurant having lunch and an afternoon cocktail with my old friend who I will appropriately nickname BTiM. (Bad taste in men).

Mr. FGD and I spent the remainder of the weekend relaxing, drinking and eating. I even got a little shopping in when we stopped at the outlets on the way home. It was a fantastic local trip away and it was much needed.

Happy Anniversary Mr. FGD (September 16). I <3 you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New post coming soon, I swear

I've been blog slacking in a major way. My excuse is that I've been really exhaustingly busy/swamped at work everyday and have been working late nights and when I get home I find that I can't look at a computer for longer than it takes to get caught up on Gmail for a few minutes. I even started blogging last night about this past weekend's anniversary trip with Mr. FGD, and nearly nodded off and did a face plant on the keyboard half way through. I'll hopefully complete it tonight.

Until then, lovahs!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why I Love Republicans.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Apples to Apples

Weekend recap:

Friday night I worked late. Enough about that.


Went to the shelter and goofed around with Ms. Laguna and my favorite Dyke on a Bike. DOAB recently re-married her wife, this time legally in the state of California, after being unlegally married for the past 10 years. Which begs the question, will any of us, after 10 years of marriage, willingly re-marry our partners?

Saturday night:

Mr. and Mrs. Benetton came over for dinner and game night. The Benetton family came sans baby this time, which didn't matter either way, because baby Benetton slept the entire time they were over last time. Mr. FGD made some recipes from his newest cookbook, Food and Wine magazine's Best of the Best: The Best Recipes from the Year's 25 Best Cookbooks. We started off with some sort of crab and manchega cheese on French bread appetizer with a really good Riesling. I wish I hadn't been so lazy as to not go get my camera. It was really good! For dinner we had Cajun-style fried shrimp, Memphis-style cole slaw and cornbread "kisses" filled with 2 different types of cheeses. It was awesome. We finished with cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. A really fucking good meal.

Then it was on to game night! I bought a new board game for the evening called Loaded Questions. (Apparently there is an "adult version." Too bad our local Target didn't carry it, or that's the version I surely would have picked up).

The game was really fun, except Mr. effing Benetton won AGAIN. Somehow he always wins. I can't figure it out. Next time, he's going down. I need to figure out his cheating system, and beat it. Although, after answering one of the questions that was along the lines of 'name something you thought would be great and now find tiresome,' and responding with "marriage," he may very well be beaten down by Mrs. Benetton before I get anywhere near him. Way to go Mr. Benetton.

Sunday morning: slept late. Zzzzzz.

Sunday afternoon: CU's first football game of the season.

You may be wondering why these words are even being typed by yours truly. It turns out that the watch party was being held at Beachfire Ladera, which is totally in our 'hood. Mr. FGD attends many watch parties. I do not. I've come to love the Buff spirit, but not enough to overcome my complete and utter disinterest in team sports. Even when there is good food and alcohol involved. However, with the food and alcohol so close to my home, it was a little more inviting. Mr. FGD also had friends from college who were in the LA-area for vacation who were coming down to see our place and then all going off to watch the game at Beachfire. I said my hellos and then was off to the mall to shop for ForeverEngaged's wedding presents and something to wear for the wedding, and then I met up with the black and gold gang at Beachfire at halftime.

I have to say, the watch party really wasn't so bad. I was only there for the second half of the game, and Beachfire has awesome food and drinks. I didn't even have to bring this week's US Weekly to keep me entertained. Mr. FGD's friends were actually able to entertain me AND watch the game, something Mr. FGD has long grown tired of even attempting. The atmosphere was so festive, I even allowed my forever dieting ass to indulge in Beachfire's smores! Fuck yes!

Anyway, the Buffs kicked ass, winning their first game of the season against the hated Colorado State dark green team, and so the decked out black and gold gang happily headed back to our place for drinks and game night number 2. We busted out Apples to Apples and I can't really remember who won, but it wasn't me.

It was still really fun though and very interesting sitting around a room with 5 people wearing coordinating black and gold t-shirts. Not something my anteater brain is used to.

Monday morning: sleep in again. Fucking fantastic.

Monday afternoon: go to various stores (Macy's Home, Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, Pottery Barn and finally Plummers) seeking out a new office chair for Mr. FGD. (Mr. FGD broke ours on Friday. I won't make any big ass jokes here because (a) Mr. FGD doesn't have a big ass and (b) being a bit sensitive about the size of my own ass, I tend to rarely make big ass jokes anyway.)

I have to say that I was really disappointed with the Bloomingdale's sale I had so been looking forward to. The shoes that were on sale, although good brands and nicely marked down, were of no interest to me, and that's saying a lot. Shoes are my interest. I guess in a good-for-my-wallet way, I didn't really buy too much, just a few things for the home. Boo. Boring. Lame.

South Coast
was packed. Ick.

However, we finally made it to Old Vine Cafe after I've been reading about Claire's adventures for months now, and drooling over all of her blog photos.

Fortunately, it lived up to all of Claire's joyful ravings. I had read enough of Claire's reviews to tell Mr. FGD to get the Beef & Truffles Panini, and I think he was really happy with his (my) choice. He practically licked the plate.

I had the Just Cheese Panini. I also proceeded to lick my plate clean.

Finally, if anyone is still reading, I'd like to bring your attention to a rescue facility I read about while flipping through People magazine at the shelter this weekend. Not surprisingly, Thoroughbreds are often sent to slaughterhouses after they've won their owners hundreds of thousands of dollars in races such as the Kentucky Derby. This place in Kentucky, Old Friends Equine, is a rescue facility that saves the horses before they are sent off to be slaughtered. I checked out the website when I got home from the shelter, and it seems like such an awesome place. The rescue center's owners were featured in the "Heroes" section of People. Check out the website, and if you can, throw them a few carrots. We should all be so lucky to have half the size hearts as the owners of the center.

Yee haw.

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