Friday, August 15, 2008

I do not like poodles

Or so I thought.

Last weekend, we went over to our friend the Engineer's house (my first time there) in the illustrious city of Irvine. After ooohing and ahhhing at the Engineer's remodel, something ran up to me and put its paws on my legs.

I was immediately introduced by the Engineer's snarky 8-year old daughter (it's as if she was a mini-me!) to Scootie, master of the Engineer's family. When I knelt down to greet Scootie, I was immediately lavished with kisses. Brunette Mini-me informed me that I could pick him up, and when I did, I was smothered with even more little kisses (from Scootie, not the Engineer's daughter). Not being used to dog kisses that don't smell like rotting fish, I was delighted by this state of unabashed affection from my new friend.

I quickly ignored all the adults at the BBQ and ran outside with Mimi-me to play with Scootie. Here are some pics from my fabby cell cam.

I did at some point pay attention to the adults at the party, but my true focus was always on my new friend Scootie. It took great restraint not to give Scootie a bite or two of Mr. FGD's delicious red velvet from scratch cake.

So much for hating poodles.

I just realized this post might explain why I have better relationships with dogs than I do people.


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dapotato said...

wait, he can make red velvet, too? you are master FGD.

cute! the bear and me want to maybe rescue a standard poodle one day (when we have a yard). the full size ones are awesome when you don't cut their fur all funky.

WeezerMonkey said...

You love ALL animals!

I may have to resort to getting a poodle some day if I want a dog because of my allergies...or a wheaten or Portuguese water dog.

Ashley said...

Poodles get a bad rap sometimes. My dad had over 10 dogs when he was growing up, and his two standard poodles were his favorites. The poddles were names Gigi and Zsa Zsa, TYVM.

Aline said...

You cell phone pics are awesome. You're due for an upgrade I think. [snort]

I'm with you though...
I'd rather socialize with a cute poodle over a human any day :)

NorCalMrs said...

I'm with you and Aline....I'll take animal company over human company any day of the week. ;) Ok....not ALL the time though.

Bev said...

I don't love the look of a poodle, but the ones I've known have been quite sweet. A little needy, but in a fairly charming way.

wan-nabe said...

i would totally have been playing with that cutie, too.

mmm, red velvet.

Claire said...

I don't like poodles, either, but that one looks darling.

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