Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There's a New Dog Mobile in Town


Plus This:

Equal This:

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WeezerMonkey said...



But not of your imminent astronomical gas bills. ;)

dapotato said...

WHAT??? congrats!

and the treehugger in my frowns at you. and is jealous at the same time.

good luck with the HC+L gas bills.

jennymsw said...

Good for you!! I want to see a pic of your new ride.

ssinca said...

way fancy! you need to take a pic so we can see.

but I was secretly hoping you'd get the mini:/

Ashley said...

Wait wait wait. WTF did you get? That's the logo for every car they make. Pics!

Kimberly said...

I think I hate you.

Yup, I hate you.

Trisha said...

The idiot in me sat here confused for about 2 minutes, wondering WTF a dog mobile (pronounced MO-BULL) is...until I realized it was dog mobile, like auto.

Claire said...

Hmmm... so how is Team Green going? :) Congrats on the sassy new wheels! I want a ride!

wan-nabe said...

[handing you the FGD tiara back]

damn, i only got to hold it for a while.

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