Monday, July 28, 2008

Party at Palihouse

This weekend we celebrated brother-in-law FGD's 35th birthday at PALIHOUSE in West Hollywood.

I was expecting an intimate gathering, but nothing brother-in-law FGD and his partner Monkey Trouble do is ever less than chic and spectacular.

Allow me to preface the rest of this post by stating that I am a terrible photographer. I don't even like using the word photographer. I prefer blurry-image-taker. I took a few bad pictures of the evening, but looking through them, they all suck. (The above photos are courtesy of the LA Times. Enjoy them. Things are about to go downhill.)

The highlights:

Me trying to oh-so-nonchalantly take a picture of Tiffany Thiessen's bad ass black stilettos.

Ridiculously horrible picture of her shoes, but nice floor, don't you think?

Next, me trying to get a picture of the funky decor inside the hotel.

Looks more like grandma's house though, doesn't it?

Me trying to subtly get some shots of all of the pretty gays at the party.

Oh wait, those pictures don't exist because I accidentally deleted them when downloading them to the computer.


Brother-in-law FGD about to blow out the candles on his cake.

Some pieces of cake before being devoured by me, drunky FGD, at this point.

The cause of me becoming drunky FGD:

Followed by my ubiquitous klassy double-fisting shot.

Followed by Mr. FGD's I've-got-to-drive-drunky FGD-back-to-south-OC-and-it's-late picker upper.

I was hoping brother-in-law Monkey Trouble, who actually takes fantastic photographs, would send me a link to his photos (not that I would ever pass them off as my own; who would believe that anyway?). However, until then, how about another bad picture?

Sorry birthday boy, you are so much hotter than my pictures allow.

But you sure do have some pretty friends.

8 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

WeezerMonkey said...

It's hard to take photos when drunk.

Bev said...

I hate to agree, but I do think this was a new low in the blog photography--it does look like Grandma's house! Yeee-ikes!

Bev said...

Oh--I find, when taking evening shots lit subtly by candlelight or fireworks, say, it's better to leave the flash's the only way to capture that warm glow. Just a tip from another not-so-professional fuzzy image taker.

amber said...

happy birthday to BIL FGD!

that shoe pic is awesomeness.

ssinca said...

we are photographer twins.

looks like a swanky party though!

Jessica said...

Looks like a fab party at Grandma's!

Claire said...

The shoe pic is definitely my favorite...

wan-nabe said...

shut up, you partied with kelly kapowski?

color me pea green. i love her.

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