Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Day at the Fair

The Orange County Fair rolled into town this past weekend. I'm not really a big fair person. It seems to bring out a lot of 909ers. But, today was Mr. FGD's birthday, and he really wanted to go, and brothers-in-law FGD were coming down, so I went along for the ride.

On one condition.

We go to the Maloof Money Cup skateboarding competition so I could watch my boyfriend skate!

For some reason, Mr. FGD does not seemed threatened by my boyfriend, so he acquiesced to my request.

Mr. FGD and I watched the finals of the Vert competition while we waited for brothers-in-law FGDs to make it down from LA. I loved it! Shaun the "Flying Tomato" White is my favorite Vert skater (by default because he's the only one I know by name) and even though he didn't win the Vert competition, I thought he was on fire, just like his hair.

(that's him in the air)

(still him in the air, on the right by the lights)

It took me awhile to remember that today's technology allows cameras to zoom-in on things.

In between the Vert final and the Street Competition final in which my boyfriend was competing, we walked around the fair. Mr. FGD and brothers-in-law FGD went on some rides, while I ate my way through the fair.

(the gay flag slide)

(brother-in-law FGD before losing his dinner)

After walking around for awhile, we returned to the skate competition to watch the finals of the Street Competition. Although my boyfriend didn't win, he had my heart aflutter the whole time.

(that's my BF sitting down in the white t-shirt on the right)

My BF didn't come in first today, but I think just knowing I was there, cheering him on, was a win in itself for him.

Before leaving for the night, we visited with the animals at the fair. I always feel bad for the animals. I don't think their natural habitat is in an urban parking lot.

However, to my surprise, this particular sheep (we named Marley) was quite urban.

(Lenny Kravitz, are you missing your sheep?)

(Sister FGD - I think this is Mable and Mildred 2008)

(Pretty in Pink)

(this one was clearly stoned.)

(I loved this baby)

(this was the Jewish goat)

and as brother-in-law FGD so aptly put, these particular ones made our bath mat.

Until next year, oh mighty fair!

11 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

WeezerMonkey said...

Gay flag slide, Marley, or Jewish goat -- I can't decide which was my fave.

Ryan Sheckler was born in 1989, you pedophile.

Bev said...

Forget Mabel and Mildred, I like the stoner sheep.

dapotato said...

best description of animals at the fair.

Ann Marie said...

I've always been teased about my refusal to give up my 415-xxx-xxxx cell number. I feel vindicated now.

lol at the gay flag slide!

Claire said...

Marley = coolest sheep ever.

wan-nabe said...

i usually skip everything else and head straight for the food. preferably on a stick.

Trisha said...

Gay flag slide and Lenny Kravitz's sheep...OMG, still laughing!!!

AlinkaBean said...

AWWW!! I love the little Marley sheep! good post, S-No!

Shoo Luva said...

Did brother-in-law FGD's dinner end up on Mr. FGD's lap?

amber said...

i'd have liked to have seen the flying tomato. cool kid.

the animal descriptions are hilarious.

Aline said...

You linked 909er. LOL!!

And Jewish goat made me CACKLE!

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