Monday, June 30, 2008

Leavin on a Jet Plane

Greetings from the coffee milk state!

A lot of the pictures I took today are on my camera, rather than my fantastic cell phone camera, so I'll have to do a recap once I get those downloaded either later in the week or after we get back from our trip. But as some as you know, this was Mini FGD's first time flying with us on vacation! We got her settled into her suitcase the day before....

and although she was a little anxious at the airport...

she seemed to be more curious than anything.

Our normally difficult one was an angel on both legs of the flight. She pretty much slept the entire time. In fact, on the longer leg from San Diego to Cincinatti, she was sprawled out on my lap for 90% of the flight. We practiced our synchronized snoring.

We had a beautiful coffee milk state day today, and I'll share my pics from the day in a later recap. I will show you why I'm currently feeling a little bloated though...

My jeans were already tight when I tried to put them on for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, we had fantastic meal at Trio tonight, and although my Beach Pass martini wasn't as good as it looked, it really did smell quite yummy. Much better than some of the seaweed at the beach smelled today.

Blogging on a laptop sucks. I don't know how some of you do it. Before I kill someone (I don't think they serve coffee milk in the state jail), I'm going to bed.

Good night, and remember, start your day off right. Drink coffee milk!

4 Comments, shout outs, and other gold diggin' love:

WeezerMonkey said...

I always blog on a laptop!

wan-nabe said...

i'm kicking myself yet AGAIN for not trying that coffee milk when i had the chance.

hey, we had that same bag for molly, back in the day when i thought we'd tote her places.

Kimberly said...

I haven't owned a desktop in YEARS!

dapotato said...

didn't hear of the stuff the whole time i was there. i guess since i wasn't hanging out with locals.

have fun! and yay for mini fgd being a good girl.

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