Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tasting, tastefully

Today was my favorite community event, Taste of Ladera. It was great to see that my favorite food and beverage event was packed! Close to 10,000 people were expected this year, and the event is only in its 4th year. Not too shabby for our little version of Wisteria Lane. Best of all, this year the Real Housewives of Orange County made an appearance! More on that later.

First, I started out with a yummy martini from Infusion, Ladera's own martini bar and restaurant (

Next, we noshed on some BBQ from Bad to the Bone (, one of Mr. FGD's favorite BBQ places in southern California. This is saying a lot. Mr. FGD is not only a serious food snob, but he knows his BBQ. He's originally a Texan, and you don't mess with a Texan and his BBQ.

Unfortunately, I had another martini from Infusion, and didn't take too many pictures after that. Having the second martini was not the unfortunate part. Taking pictures suddenly just seemed secondary to my drinkie.

Next we moved onto Sushi Plantation ( Sushi Plantation is our favorite nearby sushi place. The line for Sushi Plantation was out of control, but we were there to eat, so we waited in line. A random women came up to us and told us we'd have to wait at least 20 minutes until we would get to the front of the line, but that it was well worth it. Oh, and she told us to get the sexy thing. If I didn't know what she was talking about, I would have totally made fun of how trashed she was as soon as she turned her back and walked away. But I know my Sushi Plantation, and she was right, the Sexy Girl roll was the way to go. I don't think Sushi Plantation had ever done Taste of Ladera before, because they had their entire menu available and you could order anything you wanted off it (most places just have a few popular options available to move things along quickly). The wait was totally worth it. They were playing good music, and at $3 for an entire sushi roll of heaven, I would say Sushi Plantation was my pick of the day.

While waiting in line for Sushi Plantation, I saw several people walk by with yummy fruity drinks, that looked so much bigger than my now empty plastic martini glass. The drinks ended up being mai tais from Ladera's Beachfire Grill ( so I quickly headed over to the tent. They were fabulous! I'm always surprised when food and drinks are really good despite being served out of a tent.

Next, we went over to The Counter's tent ( The Counter is one of my favorite places on earth. You get a piece of paper to fill out. You pick what kind of burger you want (beef, turkey, chicken, veggie, etc.) and then you proceed to pick your toppings, your sauces, your bread and everything else imaginable. When we discovered that they were only doing little slider burgers with minimal topping choices, we decided to skip out on the food so as to not ruin our love for The Counter. However, they did have cheap (and good) beer, much to Mr. FGD's delight. Mr. FGD's works with the brother (named Elvis!) of one of the owners of The Counter. We were plotting over how I was going to go up to the brother/owner and tell him that I had massive diarrhea and the only thing I'd eaten all day was sliders from The Counter. Unfortunately, the line for The Counter was out of control, and Elvis' brother never stopped running back and forth from the grill to the line of people, so I gave up on my fun prank for the day. Sigh.

Next, Mr. FGD enjoyed some Persian food. I don't really dig Persian food all too much, so I headed over to Jerry's Dogs, my absolute favorite place to get a dog. One you eat, that is. The concept of Jerry's ( is very similar to The Counter. You get a hot dog (or sausage or hamburger) and then there are 35 toppings to choose from to pile on top. You can have as many or as few as you like. Unfortunately, at Taste of Ladera, they just had dogs (or sausages) with ketchup, mustard or relish. Very boring compared to the actual Jerry's experience, however, those dogs are the best damn dogs I've ever eaten, nonetheless.

Ok, so now it was time for the headlining entertainment.....Berlin! Yes, that's right, Take My Breath Away....

They were actually very good, but the sound system was just horrible. At first the microphone wasn't working, then the speakers were making horrible was just sadly D-list. But I give them props for making the best of it and not seeming mortified in the slightest, although I'm sure they were.

As the sun set, I got a scoop of Better Batter ice cream with Reese's Pieces Cup sprinkled on top from Maggie Moo's ( I was freezing, but we had to use up our last tickets, and dessert seemed in order. It was moolicious.

Somewhere in between all of the above (I had several fruity drinks at this point), I found out from the friends we were with that the Real Housewives of Orange County were serving up the martinis at Infusion. At first I was totally pissed that they didn't serve up my martini when I had been there earlier. Who doesn't like a nice rack with their cocktail? I have no shame with being totally obsessed with this show. It's one of my favorites. After all, I aspire to be them. Big house, big boobs, big fun. So here's my rundown of what I saw. For those of you who don't watch the show, or just don't care (and shame on you if that's you), feel free to skip this part. But really, you should care. This is like, real.

Tamra ("I'm the hottest housewife in Orange County") has a banging body. If I looked like that, I'd make that "hottest housewife" comment on national television too. I'd fucking get a sign made and put it on my front lawn. Totally amazing. She was wearing a body hugging black T that said "I'm the hottest housewife in Orange County" and True Religion jeans. She is my new idol. I didn't see Simon, her weird husband, or her incestuous freeloading son.

I hate to say this, but poor Lori really does look a bit like a drag queen. I think her face has just had a little bit too much done to it. She is very thin though and has nice hair.

Jeana (former Playboy model) just looked old, wrinkled and tired. I think she needs Lori to give her some of the plastic in her face.

The blonde who is always screaming and a total control freak and has her own insurance company...Vicki...her husband is actually kind of an older hottie! He was dressed really well and has a very nice physique. Very surprising. He does not come of as a hottie on the show at all. I only caught a quick glimpse of Vicki.

The super hideously annoying brunette who joined the show this past season midway through is actually half a step less disgusting in person. Or maybe it was because she had her wrinkly saggy cleavage more covered up than she usually does on tv. I am completely grossed out by her on the show, but she wasn't quite as nasty in person. She did not have her bible with her. Or her gay boyfriend.

After all of the foregoing excitement, Mr. FGD and I had a nice walk home, convincing each other on the way that we were totally burning off everything we had eaten. At least this event only happens once a year. Although, as I start to get hungry again, I can't help but pine away for Taste of Ladera 2009.

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dapotato said...

i am sad i did not take you up on your offer. berlin? all that food? oh man...yum.

WeezerMonkey said...

Jealous of all that food!

Kim said...

That sounds so fun. Sad they didn't have that when I lived in Ladera. :(

Jessica said...

...take my breath away...

10yearstogether said...

I feel like an asshole for not going with you to this. I ended up staying home watching Dreamgirls - ultimate modation. Sounds like you had a fabbo time!

Aline said...

If it wasn't sooo far I would have been down to go. Thanks to you I started to watch RHWOC a while back and now I'm hooked on the train wreck. lol.

Glad you had a good time but I may have to kick you when I see you for saying you don't like Persian food. I just don't think you've been to a good place yet.

If you're ever down I have a few recs for AMAZING Persian food.


wan-nabe said...

oooh, the Housewives in person!

i feel really stupid for not realizing who you were based on your little "siggy" picture. good god, i'm dense.

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