Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Seattle (the dessert)

At my work, I am essentially the sous chef to Tom Colicchio.

I am the behind the scenes slicer and dicer, while Tom makes the beautiful dishes with his name on them. He is mainly bestowed with critical rave, but occasionally suffers the crass tongue of the hard to please palette. As a sous chef, I do not fraternize with Tom. It's not that I'm not welcome, we are just on different playing fields.

That dynamic changed, ever so briefly, during my recent work trip to Seattle. I was suddenly allowed to play with the top chefs. (I suppose now it's terribly obvious what I watch on Wednesday nights). I got a taste of it, and it was delicious.

After the BR suit-wearing reception, I went out for drinks with the Big Cheese and Kooba Cheese, along with my former co-worker Hill Trampler who now lives and works in Seattle.

Our first stop was at Seattle's Lava Lounge.

I should have immediately known that I was in for a good night when I got carded at the door by someone who didn't actually work at the bar. I really hadn't had much to drink at that point (just 2 drinks at the reception a little while earlier) and the guy seemed totally convincing. Turns out he was drunk and didn't work at the bar at all. Oh well.

We stayed at Lava Lounge for a round of drinks. We were visited by the guy who fake carded me at the door. This isn't actually him, but you get the idea. I claimed he looked just like Mr. FGD.

Although I was perfectly happy talking to Mr. FGD-lookalike-drunk-biker guy and listening to Dolly Parton belt out 9 to 5, we decided to head out to a different bar.
The second place we went to was a bit of a step up from Lava Lounge, called Queen City Grill ( The bar/restaurant was lovely with its high-backed wooden booths and lacquered bar. I was getting quite lacquered myself at this point. Hill Trampler decided that mojitos sounded good, so Kooba Cheese and I also decided to partake. Big Cheese stuck with some sort of manly clear liquid drink.
By nature, I am a very honest person. I don't lie, or bullshit, well. Liqueured up, I am perhaps, too honest? This is a dangerous combination when out with the people that employ you. Hopefully I didn't say anything too offensive. Or if I did, hopefully no one really remembers. Anyway, I laughed a lot with the Trampler and the Cheeses. It was a smart, funny crowd, and the drinks were fabby. I am rarely a school night partier, but this sous chef's flight didn't leave until noon, and I was raring to go. The mojitos were really, really good, and the Flatliner that Hill Trampler had told us about lived up to its reputation.
The Flatliner was kind of a coffee, espresso martini; a perfect drink to finish up with. The great part was that one drink ended up being two! Kooba Cheese and I not only had one martini-glass full but an additional pint-size strainer served next to us with another glass-full! Mmmmmm.

Mid-conversation, my eyes veered over to a chalkboard on the bar.

"Cock....." I blurted out.

You probably can't see it in my crappy (drunk) cell phone photo, but my eyes glazed over the word "cockthalion" on the board and couldn't help but stop and blurt out "cock." You would too, I swear. I have been wondering since that night if "cockthalion" is an actual dictionary word, but sadly, I just checked and I don't think it is. But cheers to the Queen City Grill's bartenders for finding a way to amuse my drunk eye.

I believed we left, stumbling (some of us, anyway), out of the Queen City Grill around 1:30 am. Hill Trampler had to be at work the next morning, and was actually still considering going to her early morning boot camp class (clearly, she had not had enough to drink to still be considering this option). We caught a cab, and that is when the white jeans discussion arose.

Do you know what white jeans say about a girl?

Perhaps you should before you go out wearing them again. (For more information, please contact Laqueesha from the Kevin & Bean radio morning show).

During that discussion, my eyes fell upon Kooba Cheese's Kooba bag. I love Kooba bags. I have drooled over many. I suddenly become very obsessed with memorializing Kooba Cheese's Kooba bag. You pick the best shot.
We said good-bye to Hill Trampler when we got back to the hotel, and Big Cheese and Kooba Cheese and I set off to find an open bar in the area. One would think that wouldn't be too hard in downtown Seattle on a Thursday night, but apparently downtown Seattle is no college town. We outlasted Seattle, and Seattle was telling us to get our sunny-SoCal asses to bed.

I had such a fun time that night. It was fun hanging out with the top chefs for awhile, and not once did they tell me to pack up my knives and go.

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10yearstogether said...

This is hilarious! I can't believe you party with the cheeses like that, and on top of that, drink up and say words like cock in their presence. I am reeling. PS - you'll have to let me know what white jeans say about a woman. And for the record, I am not a fan of Kooba bags. Not just their price but the way they look. You're soooo 2 price brackets above that anyway.

Jessica said...

I admire you for carrying the chef metaphor all the way from beginning to end.

dapotato said...

unlike d, i am a fan of kooba bags. i was hoping that's why kooba cheeese is called kooba cheese.

i had dinner with my college BFF at queen city grill when we visited! like, seattle-eatery twinsies.

i am four episodes behind on top chef. :(

amber said...

* drooling over that espresso martini

* loving the top chef metaphor

* laughing that you outlasted seattle

Aline said...

I don't listen to Kevin and Bean in the morning because I'm at work too damn early!

What do they say about a chic that wears white jeans?!?

Do tell.. and make this your next blog entry.


Ashley said...

Love the pic of Tom *swoon* FWIW, I would take a Botkier over a Kooba. So glad you got to play with the Big Dogs.

WeezerMonkey said...

I always say this to Diane, but it is a damn shame we don't live closer to each other.

10yearstogether said...

Any day now on blog updates....

wan-nabe said...

this non-drinker is drooling at that coffee martini.

i'm still laughing at "cockthalion."

i want to love kooba bags, and i always think they're so cute on the website, but i'm always so damn disappointed when i actually hold one in my hands. sad.

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