Tuesday, May 6, 2008


One thing that I like about my job is that I've made several good friends there. I met, at my current job, three out of the five bridesmaids that would be in my wedding.

When the first one left a couple years ago, S-Quez, I was sad, but her new job was very close by, so it ended up not being too awful.

Then, my friend Forever Engaged left last September to finish up her master's program and to student teach. That was a tougher one, because I knew she wouldn't have the schedule or ability to meet up for lunch very often, if at all. And she would no longer be sitting at a computer all day, able to email back and forth about work or wedding drama.

But even so, I still had one really good friend left at work. A.Beanie and I even worked on the same floor of our large building so even if we didn't have time to catch up at lunch, we could still chat almost everyday in the kitchen or one of our offices. And then today she gave her notice.

Some of you are probably asking yourself, how could she? How could she do this to you, FGD? I know you guys, I wondered that too. But now I've had several hours now to process the news. At first I thought, gosh, she's so selfish! But I suppose that figuring out that the job you're currently at really isn't going to satisfy you for the rest of your life is a valid reason for leaving it. And I suppose that going back to school and trying out a different avenue that might be a better fit is also a valid reason for leaving.

I'm just bummed! It's so nice to have someone to talk to during fire drills, to bitch to when something shitty happens, to make subtle faces at in meetings when some dumbass won't shut up.

I have A.Beanie until the end of this month, but after that, I'm going to be a big fat loner. Maybe I'll get more work done, but I doubt it, and who really strives for that anyway?

Not this lonely gold digger.

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WeezerMonkey said...

When my friend B-Dawg left my last firm, I cried. Not just a few little tears. Like full on faucet flowing. I love that boy! His departure made me so sad.

Then, when I left, my friend Perfecta cried. And my friend Pescado (a big burly man) looked near tears, too. My longtime pal BPLJ wasn't teary, but he said he felt like crying.

I know how you feel. :(

dapotato said...

this heartless bitch doesn't know how you feel.

really, i've just always worked in small offices and not gotten *that* close outside of work with CWs. the chemistry just wasn't there.

sorry to hear, though. :(. it's always a good thing to have someone who spends a good portion of their day in the same place as you as a friend.

Claire said...

Awwww...sadfish. I feel for you -- it's rough to see that rare combo of CW/close friend leave...

10yearstogether said...

If I applied for a job with you would you push my resume? I'd love to work with you....though we'd get no billables done whatsoever. Anyhow, sorry to hear you're losing your buddy, that blows. Also, if I had known you longer do you think I would have been one of your BMs? I think so. Hee hee.

wan-nabe said...

i fall somewhere between the monkey and the potato. but i'm sorry all your homies left you behind, dude :(

Aline said...

I know how you feel too. =( Big fat bummer.

Except my friends have left because of layoffs- boo.

No notice no nothing. I am a loner now and no- I am not getting more work done.

Bev said...

This post made me so sad. :(

amber said...

my CW calls your close work friends your "work spouse(s)." so fitting really. i'm sorry that you're losing your last one :(

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