Thursday, May 1, 2008

A bomb? That's so cliche.

I rarely leave work right on the dot of 5 pm, but today I did, and thank gawd! I left the complex of high rise buildings wondering why there were at least 5 cop cars surrounding our building, directing traffic out of the area quickly. I half jokingly called my friend A.Beanie who was still at work to tell her she needed to find out what the drama was. I really thought that an alarm was going off in the brand new high rise next door, and the police had nothing better to do than send out every cop in the area to investigate.

I got a call an hour later from A.Beanie saying that her cell battery was about to die, but there was a bomb scare and no one was allowed to leave in their car. I was like, Holy Shitballs.

I got home and checked my work email. This had been sent out to everyone:

The Police Department has advised us that they have received a bomb threat in the parking structure. The suspicious luggage which allegedly contains the bomb is on the second floor. The garage has been cordoned off and they are waiting for the bomb squad to arrive. The process of making sure the structure is safe may take two hours or more. Thus, the police have recommended that you have someone pick you up on the Main Street side of the concourse or take public transportation home.

No way!

Then this:

Currently the bomb squad robot is removing suitcases from the parking structure. The police have locked down the building and are not permitting anyone to enter or leave.

And in conclusion:

The police have removed the potentially dangerous suitcase.

Now that I know that no one was hurt, I must surmise that this is the most bomb-ass thing to ever occur at work. That's right. I said it. Bomb-ass. Snort.

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dapotato said...

this post is the bomb.

glad you got out early and safe. bleh.

WeezerMonkey said...

We had a lot of these around 9/11 unfortunately.

I am sad it was around then, or else it would've been funny.

Aline said...

My favorite was when we had a bomb threat at our work well before work hours..

Whole.Day.Off.Baby. Woot.

Claire said...

Eek! Scary buildings! Glad you got out before you got stuck.

Kim said...

That's scary!

10yearstogether said...

Too bad you didm't get more time off bc of this....

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